Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Monday, June 16th: Rest day

Tuesday, June 17th: 2.5 miles running (11:04 pace on indoor track)

Wednesday, June 18th: Unplanned rest day L

Thursday, June 19th: 75 minute yoga class

Friday, June 20th: Rest day

Saturday, June 21st: 5 miles running (10:58 pace)

Sunday, June 22nd: 2.5 miles running (10:11 pace)

Well this week was hectic to say the least!

On Monday, I got my new shoes!!  They are the same shoes as before but in a new color.  The running store was busy when I came in, so not much time to shop around, but I know that Asics work for me, so I’m sticking with it!


On Tuesday, I had to stay at work a little later and the temperature was super humid and hot (hello Chicago!), so I decided to do my 2.5 mile run on the indoor track.  It wasn’t too crowded.. yippy!… but I didn’t run at my ideal pace… oh well, I had run a half marathon just 3 days earlier!

On Wednesday, I had an early morning meeting and then I was downtown all day seeing Motown the Musical with my mom and aunt.  It was absolutely great!  Before running, I was a frequent at musicals in downtown Chicago… that was how I spent my “fun money.”  I still try and see the musicals I really want to go to, but it’s much less often than I use to go 😦


I decided to do a double this weekend, running 5 miles on Saturday and 2.5 miles on Sunday to complete my weekly mileage for the week.  In less than 10 days, Dopey Challenge training starts and there will be plenty of 4 days in a row running 🙂

I’m so proud of Lauren for completing her first marathon on Saturday!  She has come so far in just 1 year!  It’s crazy to think that less than 1 year ago she ran her first half marathon and now she’s already run her first full marathon!!  We Facetimed on Sunday and I think I may have convinced her to do Grandma’s Marathon with me in 2016 (it’ll be the 40th anniversary).  I cannot let her do this awesome race and never do it myself 🙂



2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. Great color on the shoes! That is important.

    I want to see too “Motown the Musical”. I love musicals too and have seen The Lion King, Wicked, Chicago, Mary Poppins, and many, many more.

  2. Yes, I would suggest seeing Motown… it was fun and very entertaining!! I’ve seen all the ones you listed here too… my next one I want to see is Sting’s “The Last Ship”… trying to find a deal to go to that one. We are so spoiled here with great plays… I saw Book of Mormon twice downtown too 🙂

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