Weekly Recap (K) / #PosturePledge *UPDATED WITH INFO ON HOW YOU CAN WIN!*

Weekly Recap:

Monday, June 9– 3 miles (10:39 pace)

Tuesday, June 10– Rest Day
Wednesday, June 11– 2 miles (10:44 pace)
Thursday, June 12– 75 minute yoga class
Friday, June 13– Rest Day (foam rolling and yoga before bed!)
Saturday, June 14– Summerfest Rock N Sole Half Marathon
Sunday, June 8– Rest Day

I love week of big races!  The running is simple and easy so you’re well rested before the big race 🙂  The recap of the race will be up on the blog on Thursday.

I was recently contacted by BackJoy to join the “Posture Pledge” celebration!  As a runner, I know the value of good posture.  I was sent a few products to try out (I will be reviewing them early next week) and also asked to review the top 10 pledges to get you on track to good posture.

Here are the pledges and how I’ll be incorporating them into my life!

1—Improve sitting posture at work

  • With my job, I’m rarely sitting at my desk for longer than 1 hour before I’m up and moving around J  But when I’m at my desk, I’m going to try and sit with my head back, shoulders back and hips upright.  BackJoy suggests raising your monitor height level with your eyes… I’m going to do that J

2—Ditch the heels and invest in “zero drop” shoes

  • I do not wear heels at work, so that is super easy!  I only wear heels on special occasions which is barely ever.

3—Sleep on your side or back instead of your stomach

  • Yikes!  This may be the hardest thing for me to do.  I’m a stomach sleeper!!  I’ll try, but I cannot guarantee anything L

4. Be conscious of “technology posture” and “text neck” – The 3 T’s Texting, Tablet, TV

  • I’m a big offender of this as well.  I’ll try and use these devises more at a head height and not be bending my neck down or to the side so much.  And I just realized I was slouching on the couch… so I just straightened up 🙂

5. Incorporate core exercises into your workout routine

  • I’ve had core problems since I started running!  I need to incorporate more of them into my cross training days!

6. When you lift heavy things (weights, boxes, kids), bend at the knees, not the back

  • I am always trying to think of this lately… especially since I am always lifting heavy things at work.

7. Tell your mom “thanks”! She was right– sit and stand up straight

  • Haha.. my mom would love that.. admitting she was right!

8. Consult with a posture professional (PT, chiropractor, ergonomist)

  • I just looked into a chiropractor this morning in my town.  I’m not sure what my insurance would pay for a chiropractor, but it might be worth it.  I always have some back issues after a half marathon, so I’d like to get it checked out since I love running!

9. Stretch—do pilates, yoga, swimming…

  • I’ve really embraced yoga!  I go once a week… I’d love to up it to 2 classes starting in the fall so I can stay stretched out for marathon training!

10. Eat healthy and watch your weight

  • I definitely watch my weight… but I could eat a little healthier.  Sometimes I think I can get away with eating anything since I’m running crazy distances.  But even with running, you need to watch what you eat!

Join the Posture Pledge and tweet what you’ll be doing at #PosturePledge!

Also, go to the Posture Pledge Facebook page where you can sign up for the pledge. ADDITIONALLY, one grand prize winner who pledges on their page will receive on pair of BackJoy StandRight Bliss shoes (in your size), one SleepSound pillow, and one PostureWear Elite shirt!! Be sure to visit their page, pledge, and sign up to win today!



One thought on “Weekly Recap (K) / #PosturePledge *UPDATED WITH INFO ON HOW YOU CAN WIN!*

  1. Great tips. I’ve really been trying to be better about my posture at work since I essentially sit in front of a computer all day. And I just raised my monitor height tanks to you 🙂

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