Less than 24 hours until Race Day!


By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably either be on the road or in Milwaukee for the Summerfest Rock N Sole Half Marathon on Saturday!

I have a busy agenda lined up for the 24 hours that I’ll be in Milwaukee—

– First, I’m planning on going to Potawatomi casino first thing when I get to Milwaukee on Friday!  They have a great casino and a huge bingo parlor (I know it screams old lady, but I’m really excited!!).  The bingo starts at 1 pm, so I just have to make sure that I get there on time J

– After the casino, I’ll be heading to the expo!   Not sure how large the expo is (there is a map on the website, but really no information about vendors).  I do know that one of the vendors is Madison Mini.  If I completed the Madison Mini Marathon then I could get an extra medal!  It might be a possibility—I haven’t signed up for the Minnesota Half yet, but we’ll see….

-I Pricelined my hotel!  The official race hotel was ridiculously expensive (like $180!)… that’s way too much in my book!  I found a good deal on a hotel online for $85 (taxes included).  Not my best deal ever on priceline, but it’s still better than $180!

-Race starts at 7 am on Saturday morning!!  That means I’ll be carb loading early on Friday evening and being in my bed and ready to sleep when the sun goes down!  My hotel is about 8 miles from the race site, so the plan is to be on my way to the race around 5:45… better to be early to the race than late and struggling to find a parking spot (unnecessary stress!).

-Since I accomplished my sub 2:20 goal for 2014 at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, I’m not really shooting for any particular time on Saturday.  I want to do well as always and the weather will be perfect (55 at the beginning and around 65 at the end), I’d like to go sub 2:20, but really I’ll just be happy with any time around there (seriously!).

Look for a recap next week!



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