Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Weekly Recap

Monday, June 2– 75 minute yoga class
Tuesday, June 3– 5 miles (10:37 pace)
Wednesday, June 4– 5 miles (10:00 pace)
Thursday, June 5– 75 minute yoga class
Friday, June 6– 10 miles(10:47 pace)
Saturday, June 7– Rest Day
Sunday, June 8– Rest Day

Wow, what a busy week!!  My running/workout schedule was definitely different than normal.  With National Running Day on Wednesday, June 4th and my new yoga class starting on Thursdays, I had to make some adjustments to the schedule.

My final winter/spring yoga class was held on Monday, June 2nd.  I’m so happy that I decided to spend the money ($8 per class… cannot beat the price!) and enroll in yoga.  My body feels so much more relaxed and stretched after my yoga class.  I’d really like to do yoga twice a week and I think once the fall hits, I’m going to have to once I really start marathon training.  Doing yoga twice this week really helped with my running since I completed 20 miles in 4 days (doing 48.6 in 4 days at Dopey will make this seem like nothing J) and I was still able to maintain a good pace.

Since I wanted to get an 8 day taper after my long run my half marathon on Saturday, I decided that I wanted to do my 10 mile run on Friday, June 6th.  Therefore it worked out perfectly to join the local running store for a “fun run” on National Running Day which happened to be 5 miles.  I wasn’t the fastest out there, but I was definitely pushed harder than normal and run the 5 miles at 10:00 pace.  Afterwards, there were snacks and giveaways (I didn’t win any 😦 ).  And on my 10 mile run on Friday, I encountered a deer!!  I was a little freaked out at first but then a biker came by and scared the deer away (amen!).

I’ll talk about my half marathon a little on the blog on Friday and then expect a full recap next week 🙂

Also, last day to enter the giveaway!




One thought on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. Wow, amazing workouts!!! XOXO!!!

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