Bani Bands Product Review and GIVEAWAY!


One of the sponsors at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon Bloggers Brunch was Bani Bands.  I was given one of their headbands at the brunch and shortly after we got back, I received an email about reviewing some more of their headbands.  Since I have long hair and sweat a bunch,  I always need to wear either a headband or a hat to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

photo 1-4

This headband I received at the bloggers brunch.  Here are the pros/cons of this band:


–Very colorful


-Easy to tighten in the back


— Even though it was easy to tighten in the back, it still slipped off of my head and I constantly had to keep adjusting it.  This was not easy to do while trying to get in a long run.

–Too wide—I think this is why it was falling off and unable to stay in place

photo 2-3

This band I received for free to review from Bani Bands.  Here are the pros/cons:


–Unique style—3 colors in one with different strands interwoven

–Stayed in place the whole time!

–Easy to adjust and tighten


–The material that the different color strands is on is rough to the touch

photo 3-2

This band I received for free to review from Bani Bands.  Here are the pros/cons:


–Love the design!  13.1 finisher 🙂

–Velvet underneath the band helps it stay in place easily

–Easy to adjust and tighten


–None!  This one is my favorite of the bunch!  And especially since it’s black… sweat stains will not show up!!

All and all, I am very happy with the bands that I received from Bani Bands.  Would I pay the price tags that I saw on the site (one of them was $15 and $12)?  No, but that’s because I’m pretty cheap when it comes to purchasing headbands or anything running related!  If they were at an expo or I saw them online for a cheaper price, I would probably buy them.

Now is your turn to win one too!  Click the link below to sign up by Wednesday, June 11 by 5 pm to win a 3 pack of Bani Bands!  The winner will be announced on the blog on Thursday, June 12 🙂


DISCLAIMER: I want to clarify that I was given this product simply to test it out, and I do not work for, or have received any money from Bani Bands for posting my blog review of their product.



One thought on “Bani Bands Product Review and GIVEAWAY!

  1. So excited to enter your contest, although, I’ve never had very good luck getting headbands to stay on.

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