Weekly Recap – Lauren

Sorry this took so long! We were busy last night so I could not write it then and then this morning it was either run before work, or write the blog before work, so I chose to run! Here is a quick run-down of my week:

Monday, May 26th: UCity Memorial Day 10K Race

Tuesday, May 27th: 5 miles running

Wednesday, May 28th: 6 miles running

Thursday, May 29th: Rest Day

Friday, May 30th: Rest Day

Saturday, May 31st: 20 mile run

Sunday, June 1st: Rest Day

So, as you can see I had another long run of 20 miles this week. This will be my final super long run before the marathon on June 21st. I was planning to do 22 miles, but I convinced myself during the run to only do 20. My training plan I’m using called for 20, but I wanted to do 22 because I have seen other plans that get to that peak and thought that it would be good for me to do that. But honestly, it was so hot and humid out, I thought it would be better just to do the 20 miles like my training plan said and not try to push too hard. This 20 mile run went a lot better than the last one though. I used my Nike+ GPS watch so I didn’t have to worry about my phone dying before my run was over, and I actually listened to an audio book during my run which made it more interesting. I was still exhausted at the end, but I took plenty of walking/eating-my-energy shots breaks so it was a more comfortable run.

One thing I had a major problem with was sweating. I sweat a lot to begin with, and so when it is hot, humid, and I am running 20 miles I am just drenched with sweat at the end. I ended up just running in my sports bra for the last few miles because my shirt had gotten so wet that it was a bit heavy. Do any of you have any suggestions for the best running tank you have worn in the humid weather?! I am open to any and all suggestions!!

I did not have any cross training this week due to my teacher calling in sick for our boot camp class, and my work schedule was a bit different this week so I couldn’t get to Barre class. My schedule is more normal this week, so I’m hoping to get some cross-training sessions in to add some variety to my training. There is a spinning class at 5:30 AM on Thursday that my boot camp instructor suggested I go to, so I’m looking forward to trying that out this week. I have never done spinning before so I’m hoping I can make it through! I think starting next week, I want to start doing more yoga so that I can really stretch my body out well before the big day!



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