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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the company ENERGYbits on Twitter. I had heard of them from the Nike Women’s Blogger Brunch, so after the brunch I followed them on Twitter to see what the hype was about.  After I followed them, a representative from Energybits contacted me wondering whether or not I wanted to sample their product. I of course said yes because I was eager to test them out, so shortly after messaging him, I received a packet with information on the bits and two tin containers full of ENERGYbits.

ENERGYbits are a completely natural product made out of organically grown spirulina algae. Apparently, this algae is one of the most nutritious substances in the world and elite athletes have been using it as fuel for years. The thing that was most appealing to me was that this product promised increased energy and focus without having any caffeine, sugar, chemicals or anything else. Just the organic spirulina algae!
Information material and ENERGYbits sample I received in the mail

Information material and ENERGYbits sample I received in the mail

When I received the packet in the mail, I won’t lie – I was instantly a little bit hesitant to try it after I opened up the tin and looked at the bits. I’m not sure what I was expecting, (especially since I had read about what the product was), but I was really nervous at first. I showed them to Justin, he also looked at them suspiciously, he smelled them, and told me they were basically fish food! HA! Well, they are algae so it made sense that it would smell like fish food. Then I read the directions on how to use them – you have to SWALLOW 30 of these tablets before exercising! 30?!! That seemed like an extreme amount to both of us, and we both thought it had to have been a typo. But no, you do have to take 30! And it says you can chew, but they highly suggest against this method of intake as the bits tasted very “green”.
Here they are!

Here they are!

Directions on how to take the bits. I love the suggestion in parenthesis!

Directions on how to take the bits. I love the suggestion in parenthesis!

After getting the package, it took me a few weeks to actually test them out. A few times I forgot to try them, and the times I did remember I was busy and just wanted to go out for my run instead of taking the time to take them all. I was probably nervous as well, I just didn’t know what to expect from these little green bits!
Finally, last Sunday, I took the plunge and swallowed the 30 bits before my 3.1 mile run. They were easy to swallow, I didn’t really taste anything bad, and I didn’t feel anything different right away. I got everything together, and then headed out for my run. After a few minutes of running, I think the bits kicked in because I definitely felt more focused and like I had more to give to my run. I was able to not only keep up with my faster pace that I began with, but I ended up with negative splits and my fastest 5K ever! I’m not sure if this was all because of the ENERGYbits, but I think they definitely contributed to me reaching my best 5K time.

Afterwards, I had no stomach issues at all from the product and felt really great throughout the day. I was very impressed by the ENERGYbits and will continue to test out the rest of the sample I was given and will consider buying the actual product. I would buy it immediately, but it is kind of expensive ($115 for a pack of 1,000 bits – can be cheaper if you purchase through an ENERGYbits ambassador though), so I will hold out a bit until I can use the rest of my sample and then reevaluate. But if you have the money, and are looking for a great, natural product to enhance your runs or workouts I would definitely recommend trying out ENERGYbits.
DISCLAIMER: I want to clarify that I was given this product simply to test it out, and I do not work for, or have received any money from ENERGYbits for posting my blog review of their product.

3 thoughts on “ENERGYbits Review

  1. Interesting! I remember hearing about it at the bloggers brunch too! But I had no idea it was algae and that you have to take so many at once!

  2. I’ve heard of them but swallowing 30 bits before exercising? That’s alot.

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