A New Way to Run

This past Saturday, I really wasn’t feeling up for running my 8 mile run. I didn’t get to bed until almost 1 am due to work and then I was up and ready to run around 8 am. My legs were tired from work (I am an events manager, so I’m constantly moving at work… never just sitting still) and I was physically exhausted. I decided to do my first run/walk run.

Since I haven’t gotten my garmin or watch yet (not sure what I’m going to get eventually), I just had to rely on my music to be my intervals. I decided that I would run hard until the end of a song and then I would take a 1 minute walking break.

It wasn’t so bad and I felt like I could keep going at the end even though it was getting humid and hot. I’ve said before that if I’m going to complete the Dopey Challenge, the run/walk method will be the only way I’ll be able to do it.

All of my miles were in the 10s except for my final two which were 11:21 and 11:14. Since I didn’t use a true 3 minute run: 1 minute walk interval, I cannot wait to see what actually happens when I do a true 3:1 ratio. If I keep with a true 3:1 ratio, Jeff Galloway says that I should be in the 10 minute mile range. If I can keep up the 3:1 ratio, then I will be able to complete the Dopey Challenge in January. Jeff Galloway says to plan on slowing down 2 minutes per mile on marathon day—so I’ll definitely be under 16 minute miles required during the races.

I cannot wait to keep see how this new method of running works out for me!!



5 thoughts on “A New Way to Run

  1. If you didn’t have a watch then how did you know your miles were in the 10s?

    Jeff is a great pacer! I’ve ran with him in the past in Disney races and am amazed by him.

  2. I use the Nike Plus App… so it keeps track of my time and miles, but since I use an armband, it’s hard to keep looking at my arm while running. Once I start Dopey training in July/August, I’ll figure out which device I want to get 🙂

    • Yeah, I am not a big fan of the armband. Sometimes I use the app and put my phone in my Fitness belt. I use the Nike Sportswatch and like it a lot. many people love Garmins but I am OK with the Nike watch.

  3. I use runkeeper on my phone and the app provides audio cues for my run/walk intervals so that’s helpful. I think I’m going to have to invest in a watch at some point but the phone is ok for now. The only downside is the battery usage so it won’t last once I get into longer runs. I’m a fan of the run/walk method as well but I’m not sure how to decide what the intervals should be. I’m doing 6/1 right now but that’s just random. How did you decide on 3/1?

  4. I’m a huge fan of the run-walk method. I wouldn’t have completed my two half marathons if it hadn’t been for this approach to running. So many Disney runners swear by it, and that’s the only method they use for running.

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