Weekly Recap – Lauren

First of all, I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day! I started off my day with a 10K race, and although it was really humid and a hilly course, it went really well! I will recap the race on Wednesday, but thought I would just give a quick recap of my running week.

Monday, May 19th: Rest Day

Tuesday, May 20th: 6.22 miles running

Wednesday, May 21st: Rest Day

Thursday, May 22nd: 5 miles running

Friday, May 23rd: 5 miles running

Saturday, May 24th: 5 miles running

Sunday, May 25th: 3 miles running

This week was awesome because it was a bit of a “rest-week” from some of the super-long training runs I have had in my marathon training plan. I was definitely very happy to have not such long, intense runs this week and I ended up having some of my best runs in a while! All of my runs (besides my long 20 miler) I ran below 9 minute per mile pace, and on my last two runs of the week, I had negative splits! Woo-hoo!

Then today, after the race, I saw a Facebook posting from Grandma’s Marathon about a giveaway they were having. You could sign up between 9-10AM, and they would call the winner around 10-10:05AM. I figured I might as well enter, and at 10:02 AM I got a phone call – out of 224 entries I had won the giveaway! I won two Grandma’s marathon shirts, a hat, and two tickets to the Spaghetti dinner before the race! I was so excited to win because I rarely ever win anything! I can’t wait for my prize to come. I will be giving one of the shirts to Britt, my good friend who I will be running the marathon with, and we will definitely use the tickets to the Spaghetti dinner the night before! You had the option to buy the tickets when you signed up for the race, but we both opted to just wait to purchase them once we got there. Good thing we waited!

My prize package!

My prize package!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day, and I will be back on Wednesday with a recap of the race!




8 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Lauren

  1. Congrats on the win!!

  2. Great jobs on the runs this week and congrats on winning! I’m sure the pasta dinner will be handy 🙂

  3. No barre/fitness class? Lol yay for winning! Today is your day!

    • Whoops I had Bootcamp on Wednesday, I couldn’t make it to barre last wk or this wk cuz my schedule is different due to new job orientation/training!

  4. Can’t wait to hear the recap!!!! Yaaaay!!! XOXO!!!!

  5. Congrats on the winning the giveaway!

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