5 Things Friday

Since I don’t have a race coming up for awhile (21 days to be exact!), I thought I would share five random things/thoughts going on in my life right now 🙂

1—Since our Nike Women’s Half Marathon Blogger Brunch in Washington DC last month, Lauren and I have been contacted by a few companies to do some giveaways and reviews!  We are so excited!!  Once we get the products, try them out, give our reviews, we’ll be posting the giveaways for you to win.  And believe me, we’ll be very honest on how we like the products!

2—After my long run on Tuesday, I jumped on the scale.  While I know this isn’t the best time to jump on the scale, I was overjoyed to see the number on the scale.  I officially was down over 25 lbs in 14 months just with running!!  I was so excited that I called my dad.  My dad goes on diets usually once a year and then rubs it in our faces when he can lose 10 lbs by starving himself in a few weeks.  While I don’t starve myself, I justify what I can eat with the fact that I run.  In July when I start training for Dopey, I’ll start eating better and lifting weights… I cannot wait to see how my weight continues to change for the better!

3—Half Marathon #5 for 2014 will be officially registered for on Tuesday June 17th!  I’ll be running in the Minnesota Half Marathon in St. Paul on Saturday August 3!  It’s 7 weeks after half marathon in Milwaukee and should be fine for my Dopey training as well (I’m just going to be putting in more miles than suggested in the early part of training).  St. Paul is about 6 hours from my home… and seriously after the Chicago to St Louis to Little Rock journey and back—this seems like nothing!  I’ll leave my house early and I’ll make it up there for packet pick up (not sure if there is an expo or not—that will determine how early I have to leave J).  The cost of registration is really good at $50–that’s cheap in my book!!  And only $5 more than the Shamrock Shuffle 8k I did in March… that’s crazy!!

— By adding this half marathon, I’ll reach my 2014 goal of 6 half marathons in 2014 by ending with the Detroit Chevy Dealers International Half Marathon in October 🙂

4–   After my half marathon, it’ll be time to get some new shoes.  It’s a love hate relationship with running shoes.  While I love getting the new shoes, I do not love the cost of them.  This pair of shoes have gotten me thru four half marathons and over 300 miles (shoes should be retired every 300-500 miles).  Any recommendations for shoes?  I’ve worn Asics for my past two pairs and while they work well, I won’t be opposed to switching it up.  I need something with support!!

5—Lauren has a 10k on Monday… Should we take wagers on how low she’ll go?!  She’s only run 1 other 10k race before and that was last summer at the Big 10 10k and she ran it in 57:32.   Lauren is so much speedier than that now!!  I think she will to do the race in less than 50 minutes.  It’s suppose to be pretty warm in St Louis on Monday (89 is the high… yikes!!), so hopefully it won’t be too hot and humid when she starts in the morning!! (NOTE FROM LAUREN: Thanks for the confidence Kathleen, but I highly doubt I will be going below 50 minutes! Haha)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I’ll be shopping for some new clothes on Monday… and probably get a few new workout clothes too… why not?  🙂



6 thoughts on “5 Things Friday

  1. I have worn Asics before also and I have to admit that I find them (at least my Gel-Blurs) to be a bit too heavy for me. I am currently on my third pair of Nike Pegasus (with my fourth pair already bought) and I love them. They are lighter than my Asics but still provide me with a lot of support.

    Since I am a betting man I will say Lauren will get around 53 minutes in her 10K (About 8:30 min/mile).

    Looking forward to your giveaways and reviews!

  2. Looking forward to hearing your honest reviews of the products you’ve been asked to try out! I’m currently trying out a product that I received through my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship, and am not happy with the product. I’m struggling with what to say about the product when I write the review, because as of now, I don’t have much positive to say about it. 😦

    As for shoes, I’d suggest getting fit for shoes. There’s so many possibilities, and what works for one person may not be best for you.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty excited about the giveaways! And I’ll be interested in your product review as well… they say you’re suppose to be honest!
      And yes, I’ve been fitted for shoes each time, but the last time I went in, they pretty much just went off of what I wore before 😦 I may try someplace new… thank goodness for lots of running stores in the suburbs 🙂

  3. I am a big fan of Brooks. I’ve also heard great things about Mizuno. My best is 53 minutes for the 10K.

  4. I meant to say my bet is 53 minutes for the 10K.

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