Next 5 on the State Challenge List

It’s been over 2 months since I last updated you all on my list for the races I would like to race for the 50 state challenge.  We left off on Georgia, so here are the next five:

Hawaii– Maui Half Marathon

–I really want Hawaii to be my last state in my quest for the 50 states.  This race happens in September and also features a challenge (5k, 1 mile and half marathon) for the Warrior Challenge.

Idaho—Riggins Salmon Run

–There isn’t much to choose in Idaho L  The race is in September and looks pretty interesting with beautiful scenery and a cute logo.  Hopefully they’ll put up some pictures of the finishers medals so I could get excited!

Illinois—This is my state, so I’m sure I’ll be doing more and more halves here at some point!

Rock N Roll Chicago—This was my first half marathon ever!!  A warm day, I was injured, but I finished!  Not my best time ever, but I finished and that’s all that matters!  Of course, this year’s medal is much better than the one that I got, but oh well.  I’m sure I’ll come back at some point and do it again!

Chicago Marathon—This is definitely a bucket list race for some day!!  Not sure if I’ll be putting my name in for the lottery for 2015, but at some point I will!  This marathon takes you thru the entire city (I’ll probably see more of Chicago than I ever have before!).  It doesn’t have awesome bling, but a good sized medal that I’ll take for getting to race in one of the marathon majors!

Indiana—500 Festival Mini-Marathon

–I’ll be doing this race in 2015!  It happens the first Saturday in May every year and is the largest half marathon in the country.  I signed up during the 2014 race weekend online where I got a great deal, $55, otherwise, it would have been $75 when registration opens up in the fall.  This race ends on the Indy 500 track and features a medal inspired by the Indy car! My parents have already expressed interest in coming to watch me run this race, so I’m pretty excited about having them come along for the journey too!

Iowa—IMT Des Moines Half Marathon

–This race happens in October every year.  The race features good bling and a ¼ zip jacket.  I considered running this race in 2014, until I found out about my Michigan race and convinced some family to come along for the race (and casino fun J). Sadly there are too many great races the same weekend of October, so I’ll have to figure out a time when I can do this one!

Hopefully I’ll get some time again soon to update you on the next five states!  Until then only 24 days until my next half marathon!



One thought on “Next 5 on the State Challenge List

  1. Love this! Maybe we will do Chicago marathon together 🙂 and I still gotta do the rock and roll half in Chicago too!

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