Weekly Recap – Lauren

Monday, May 12th: 18 miles running

Tuesday, May 13th: Rest Day

Wednesday, May 14th: 6 miles running, Bootcamp Class

Thursday, May 15th: 2.35 miles running

Friday, May 16th: 5 miles running

Saturday, May 17th: Bark in the Park 5K

Sunday, May 18th: 20 miles running

So as you can tell, it was a jam-packed week of running for me! Like I mentioned last week, I had to push my long run to Monday since I was traveling so I ended up having 2 really long runs in less than a week. On top of running, I started my new job this week, so it was an extremely busy week for me. But somehow I survived!

I will have a recap of the Bark in the Park 5K coming up on Thursday, but I’ll let you all know now that it went extremely well! I had an awesome time,it was for such a great cause, and overall just a great experience. This past Sunday, I had my longest run so far of 20 miles. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, this run was brutal! My iPhone died towards the end so the last 2 miles I had no music, and all I could hear was my loud breathing. I was so tired at the end, but I’ve heard that if you can run 20 miles, then you can run a marathon, so I’m happy that getting through that run means I will be able to take on this marathon.

This week, I have a week off from long runs as my training plan just calls for a 5K or 10K race (I will be running in a 10K on Memorial Day). It will be a very welcome break from these super long runs. The week after I will reach my peak at 22 miles, and then from there on out to the marathon I will be tapering. Woo-hoo! The end is in sight!



7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Lauren

  1. Wow, fabulous week!!! Amazing mileage!!

  2. Over 50 miles in one week! That is more than I have ever done. Great job on keeping up the training.

  3. Omg good job on your runs laur! You’re going to do awesome at the marathon!

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