Race Weekend Preview


This Saturday, I will be running in the Bark in the Park 5K. I am so excited to participate in this race, because it raises money for a cause really close to my heart – animal shelters,and this race benefits the Humane Society of Missouri. So even though the entry fee was a little high for a 5K ($35), I didn’t even mind because all of that money will be going back to the Humane Society of Missouri.

Justin and I got our puppy Lilli last year from a shelter in Illinois (Partners 4 Pets). Many people buy their pets from breeders, (which is a fine option – Kathleen did it with Kallie), but we definitely wanted to save a dog which is why we chose to adopt from a shelter. There are many misconceptions about shelter animals. I’ve heard that people think there aren’t puppies to adopt at shelters. This is definitely not true as we got Lilli when she was just 8 weeks old, and there were tons of other puppies there to adopt! Another false assumption is that pure bred animals aren’t available at shelters. While Lilli is a mixed breed (Terrier, Husky, German Shepherd, and who knows what else!), there were also tons of pure bred dogs available for adoption at the shelter.

Justin and me when we first picked up Lilli!

Justin, me, and Lilli on the day we adopted her!

Our lives have changed so much since we adopted Lilli. I have never had a dog before, so I really didn’t know what to expect when we got her. That first week was rough as we got very little sleep because she was like a baby- crying all throughout the night and never wanting to be alone! We would have to rock her to sleep, and one of us would have to sleep right up next to her cage so she would know that we were there. She has grown up so much since then! She has brought so much joy and love into our lives, and I really can’t imagine life without her. She is so smart, beautiful, and loyal and we could not have asked for a better dog. She is a wonderful companion and I love taking her on walks and runs. We almost didn’t get her at first because of confusion with our landlord, but thankfully we got all the facts straightened out and were able to adopt her! From the moment I found her in an online posting I knew I had to have her, and Justin was also easily convinced.

Our little puppy has grown up a lot in a little over a year!

Our little puppy has grown up/changed a lot in a little over a year!

Bark in the Park is a huge fundraiser put on by the Humane Society of Missouri and sponsored by Purina (whose HQ is located in St. Louis). The 5K kicks off the event, but there is also plenty to do after- a 1-mile Fun Walk, a pancake breakfast, a large Pet Festival (which has pet-related vendors), and even a pet contest – categories include: Ugliest Mug, Shortest Legs, Sloppiest Kisser, Doggie-Owner Lookalike, Best Costume, and Best Trick!

Justin will be running in the 5K with Lilli because I am a little afraid I won’t be able to handle her with all the other runners and dogs around. She loves to run, but she is still a puppy and can be easily distracted! Justin is much better at making sure she follows his lead, so I know it will be best for her to race with him. Hope they can keep up with me! 🙂 Right now, the forecast looks great for Saturday- sunny and high of 64 degrees, which will be perfect running weather for Lilli because she gets exhausted quickly when it gets too hot out!

I will be discussing this event more on Friday, including information about the packet pickup and my goals for the race!




3 thoughts on “Race Weekend Preview

  1. Awww, great event and cute, CUTE pictures!!! I know it’ll be tons of fun!!!

  2. I ran with my dog for the first time today and have a feeling it’s going to take a while for the two of us to adjust to each other. LiLi is adorable! I hope your race goes great this weekend ; )

  3. I love all the adorable photos of Lilli! And its so wonderful that she’ll be able to join you for the 5k!

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