Weekly Update – Lauren

This post is coming a little late this morning, because I woke up extra early to get in my long run of the week – 18 miles! I went home this weekend for Mother’s Day, so while I regularly do my long run on Sunday, I moved it to Monday. It was fun because I am still at home so I got to do it on the Constitution Trail. I ran by Tipton Trails which is where I used to do all my runs when I first started. I decided to run around the little pond there, and while I was running I was remembering two years ago when I would run there and could only do 1 mile and when I would even attempt to do 2, I would have to quit early because I was too exhausted. So much has changed in 2 years!

The 18 mile run was very hard, as expected, but I had a really good pace – 9:18 which was 22 seconds faster than my pace last week during my 16 mile run! Now, I definitely don’t expect to keep up that kind of pace during the actual marathon, but maybe I won’t be as slow as I originally thought! I was better hydrated this time because I took my friend Brandon’s advice and drank a lot of water before the actual run. I still ran out of water in my 21 oz water bottle that I carry with me by the end because of the humidity, but it was only for the last mile so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Afterwards, I went back home and my family and I went out and ate a big breakfast. I was starving so I ate my full plate in probably less than 10 minutes! We forgot to take a picture on actual Mother’s Day, so my dad took one of us at breakfast:


Kathleen left after we ate, so I had to make sure I got a picture with her puppy Kallie. I was sad to see Kallie (and Kathleen!) leave because I love holding her! My puppy is way too big to carry haha



And finally, here was a quick recap of my runs/fitness activities this week:

Monday, May 5th: Rest day

Tuesday, May 6th: 4 miles running, Barre fitness class

Wednesday, May 7th: 4 miles running, Bootcamp fitness class

Thursday, May 8th: Barre fitness class

Friday, May 9th: 5 miles running

Saturday, May 10th: 4 miles running

Sunday, May 11th: Rest day

Monday, May 12th: 18 miles running




5 thoughts on “Weekly Update – Lauren

  1. Nice job on your 18 mile run! What a great pace! Cute pictures, too!!

  2. Glad that my advice help you out with your long runs. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I would be happy to give you my opinion on what you can do.

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