Pros and Cons – Nike Half DC

I promise this is the final Nike Women’s Half Marathon post!  I thought it was important to discuss the pros and cons of this race.


Awesome flat course—supposedly there were a few hills (?) but I never noticed them compared to what I had been running in Mississippi, St. Louis and Little Rock in the past.

Technology—wow, Nike does it right!  From the expo to the cameras on the course, Nike gets an A+ for their uses of technology

On-course support—extremely great!  Lots of entertainment and cheering sections!

Tiffany Necklace—as most of you know, I’m obsessed with bling.  I don’t run/travel for races unless the medal is pretty good.  This race didn’t have a medal, but a Tiffany necklace!  It’s the tiniest medal I’ve ever gotten, but that little blue box will be a fixture on my medal rack for years to come J

Packet pick-up (super easy!), no lines at Nike Georgetown (I had heard it was crazy last year), and I was able to get everything I wanted at Nike Georgetown—even at the finishers boutique, I was able to get the exact shirt I wanted as well 🙂

Merchandise—I loved it!!  I scored a full zip (I loved the half zip, but I really wanted a full zip), socks, bag and a finishers shirt.  I spent way too much money, but when I found out I got into the race in December, I put money aside each paycheck, so I wasn’t charging anything and it made the weekend much more affordable


15,000 racers and only 5 corrals—are you kidding me?!  This lead to overcrowding on the course and frustration.  I may had had better time had I not had to go around all these crazies at the beginning.

The price of the race and the entire experience—the race registration was $180.00 including tax.  That is more than a half marathon at Disney!  The hotel room cost $325 (luckily we had 3 people paying for it!), my bill for my merchandise was around $200, plane flight was $290, and the meals and transportation were around $150.  Not cheap at all.  But getting to spend the weekend with your sister and friends while getting to explore a new city by running… priceless.

Expo—overall, extremely disappointing.  Small and only 3 vendors… not like the usual expos I go to 😦

Only water and nuun on the course to drink—No Gatorade 😦

Would I run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC again??  Probably not, but only because I have so many other races I want to run.  Will I consider another Nike Women’s Half Marathon?  Absolutely!  Even though it was an expensive experience… it was memorable and someday I might be brave enough to attempt San Francisco.  I really hope they bring the race to the Midwest at some point (Chicago?!  Please!!) and it would be much more affordable for me to go again.



11 thoughts on “Pros and Cons – Nike Half DC

  1. The expo was kinda disappointing. I just did Princess Half Marathon in February and that expo was AMAZING. I spent entirely too much money there.

  2. Nice pros and cons!!! Great info!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO!

  3. i walked through the expo in 5 minutes. it was nothing special. and the corrals, yes. when i WAS running, i was weaving almost the entire time. how is it possible to weave through runners for 9 miles?!? anyway, great recap!

  4. Holy crap, that is expensive! And for a half marathon!?!?!?! So basically, you’re paying for the necklace, when you pay $180 for registration. At least you had fun, that’s really all that matters!

    • Haha, yes, you are basically paying for the necklace. But even though it is expensive, it was a really awesome race!

    • Yes, you are paying for the necklace… so imagine my frustration when there was a rumor that there won’t be a Tiffany necklace at the end after we had registered?! Needless to say, I won’t be running in this race again anytime soon (I’m trying to do the 50 state challenge like you too), but it was fun!

  5. I love the pros and cons format. It seems like there were more pros than cons and that seems to be the general consensus I’ve heard. I definitely think I’d like to try a Nike race at some point.

  6. Great pros and cons! I agree with you. I really, really hope there is one soon in Chicago.

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