Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Weekly Recap:

Monday, April 28th: Yoga (75 minute class)

Tuesday, April 29th: Rest Day

Wednesday, April 30th: 2.5 miles running (10:24 pace)

Thursday, May 1st: 2.5 miles running (10:34 pace on treadmill L)

Friday, May 2nd: Rest Day

Saturday, May 3rd: 5 miles running (10:17 pace)

Sunday, May 4th:  Rest Day

After the half marathon last Sunday, it felt great to start the week off with yoga!  I really think I want to take yoga twice a week, so I’m going to start looking into that after my next half marathon.

I was able to get in all my training runs for the week and I was able to maintain pretty good pace even with my treadmill run!  Sadly on Thursday it was cold and rainy, so I had to go indoors for my run.

This week is going to be pretty hectic in my work/personal life, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to add another cross training day!



One thought on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. 75 minute yoga class? wow! i havent gotten back to the gym yet, but miles of walking around disneyworld with two kids count as a workout right?

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