Weekly Recap (Kathleen) and Our Friday in DC!

The race that I’ve been waiting for since December 2nd is finally here and over 😦 The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC was a great experience! The weather was perfect, the course was flat (no hills), and I pushed myself to the limit to get a PR 🙂

Here is my weekly recap:

Monday, April 21st: Rest Day

Tuesday, April 22nd: Yoga (75 minute class)

Wednesday, April 23rd: 2 miles running (10:24 pace)

Thursday, April 24th: Rest Day—Foam Rolled and Stretched

Friday, April 25th: Walking around DC!

Saturday, April 26th: Walking around DC!

Sunday, April 27th: 13.1 miles running at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (pace to be announced this week—but I was under my goal of 2:20 🙂 )

We arrived in Washington DC on Friday. Lauren arrived about 20 minutes before Phu (Lauren’s friend who was also running in the race) and I. One of my friends from college, Brandon, graciously offered to pick us up from the airport on Friday, take us to our hotel, and then led us around the Expotique (Expotique recap will be coming tomorrow).

Our hotel was within walking distance from the Georgetown area which was where the Nike store and the Expotique were being held. This was the sign lit up on the floor of our hotel welcoming the runners:


After we explored the Exotique and the store, we were hungry after our traveling and walking and we headed for lunch at Burger Tap Shake (BTS). We all had a $6 chuck and it was a pretty good burger so we all were very satisfied with our choice :).

On our way back to our hotel, we stopped at Georgetown Cupcakes (also known as the TLC Show DC Cupcakes). Here are some of the goodies we got:

We all tried the "Cherry Blossom" cupcake...so delicious!

We all tried the “Cherry Blossom” cupcake…so delicious!



Me back at the hotel...eating another cupcake that I brought back :)

Me back at the hotel…eating another cupcake that I brought back 🙂

Then, we headed back to our hotel to unpack our goodies and grab a nap. Poor Phu had been up all night doing homework, so when her head hit the pillow.. she was fast asleep. I was also exhausted and Lauren may or may not have gotten a good black mail photo to use of me someday sleeping…haha.

After our nap time and relaxation, we decided to venture out for some food. We went to Piola for some pizza which was pretty close to our hotel. We all enjoyed our pizza!



After dinner, we headed to Dupont Circle to a bar to meet up with another college friend, Darren, who was in town for a few days. It was nice to catch up with him, but we only stayed an hour because we were exhausted and knew that we would need all the sleep we could get!

Our first day in DC was great! Tune in the rest of the week to hear about the Expotique, the race, and other fun things we did in Washington DC!



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