Live Well STL


Recently, I was messaged on Twitter by a local non-profit organization in St. Louis, Live Well STL. Live Well STL is part of the Midwest Health Initiative, which is a regional healthcare improvement organization. I had followed them on Twitter because I am of course interested in living a healthy life and wanted to be informed about any health or fitness related activities in the St. Louis area.

So, I received a message from them about a month ago, encouraging me to check out their new site that they were launching – LiveWellSTL . I’ve been so busy that I hadn’t really looked into it until yesterday, but I’m very glad I remembered to check it out because it will be very useful to me in the future!

The site is all about connecting you to available options for Physical Activity, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, and Health Education in the St. Louis area. There are tons of different activities listed, but you can narrow down the options shown to you by: selecting your price range, preferred day of the week, time of day, type of activity, whether or not a membership is required, and if you have to register or RSVP ahead of time.

The Physical Activity section displays a wide array of options for clubs and leagues, group fitness classes, personal trainers, parks and trails, fitness camps, and basically any type of fitness activity your heart would desire. I am most interested in this section, and really like that you can narrow down the choices to fit your needs. I also like seeing all the parks available in the area, because I definitely need to switch up my running routes so that I don’t get bored!

The Healthy Eating portion of the website is also very cool. It shows you where in the area fresh produce is available, cooking and nutrition classes, and nutrition counseling. The one thing I thought could be improved in this section was the Fresh Produce results. They basically had a big list of Schnuck’s (grocery store) and Aldi locations. I thought it would be nice if there could be a list of all the farmers markets in the area with their hours and dates. There are SO many farmers markets in St. Louis and since I am relatively new to town, it would be nice to have a big, collective listing of all in the area.

The Weight Loss section had information about about Medical or Clinical programs, Coaching, Nutrition Classes, and Support Groups. The Health Education section had programs such as: Disease and Medication Management, Nutrition, Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Kids, and Stress Relief.

This site will be a very helpful resource for St. Louisian’s looking for health and fitness related activities. It is very easy to navigate, has numerous options as well as a wide variety of options, and organizations can list their events for free on the site.

I will definitely use it for the future when I am looking for new health related options.  I realize that many of you are not from the St. Louis area, but I think this is a great idea for any city to adapt. Does your city have a site like this where you can go to one place to find the health and fitness events/classes/races/etc. in your area?

Thank you so much for Live Well STL for letting me know about this great site, and for developing it to help all people in the St. Louis area get healthier and fitter!



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