Weekly Recap, DC, Thinking of Boston

This past week was my taper week, and I’m happy to report it went very smoothly! Here was a quick recap:

Monday, April 14th: Rest

Tuesday, April 15th: 4 miles running, Barre exercise class

Wednesday, April 16th: 2.36 miles running, Muscle Works exercise class

Thursday, April 17th: 4 miles running, Barre exercise class

Friday, April 18th: 5 miles running

Saturday, April 19th: 10 miles running

Total: 25.4 miles running, 3 exercise classes

My favorite parts of the week were getting in some really awesome training runs timing-wise and starting my group fitness classes. I have done yoga classes before, but never really done a regular group fitness class, so I was a bit nervous to start. But since they are included in my gym membership, (and since I won’t be using the gym as much since it is getting nice enough to run outside regularly), I figured I should take full advantage of them. And I’m so glad I made this decision! The teachers have been very helpful and the workouts are a real challenge – I felt the burn even a few days later. I will be adding another one this week – 6AM Boot Camp class on Wednesdays! I am very happy to be including these workouts in my routine. Justin thinks I am getting addicted, but there are much worse things I could be obsessed with, so I’m not too worried! 🙂

And now I am, of course, filled with excitement about the week ahead and traveling to DC for the Nike Half! When we first got confirmation that we were in the race it seemed like it would take forever to get here. But it is less than a week away and it now it seems like yesterday that we got the email saying we were in.

This week, I still have some training runs, but obviously not as hard or intense so that my legs will be rested and ready to run my best come Sunday.

Today, as I’m sure all of you know, is the Boston Marathon. I hope that all the runners have a great time and get some PR’s. I hope one day (far ahead in the future when I am a much faster runner!) that I will be able to qualify and run in the Boston Marathon.

I watched a Dateline special the other night about the tragedy from last year, and while there was parts about the bombers and the overall investigation, the most touching part was hearing from some of the survivors. There were two people that had both lost their legs, and I was so amazed how strong both of them were. It has been only a year since their lives have been so dramatically changed, yet they were able to tell their stories confidently and both of them have made amazing progress. I will definitely be thinking of them and the rest of the survivors today during my run.

Also, Nike is doing something really cool to support Boston. You can follow these simple instructions to help out the Challenged Athletes Foundation:

Your miles matter. On 4.21, join us as we rally behind the city and people of Boston.

Here’s how:

Run with the Nike+ Running App and tag #strongereveryrun in the notes. We’ll give $1 for every mile you run to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.


I hope everyone has a great Monday! 🙂 Hopefully you have some time to get outside and run some miles for Boston!

This quote regarding the Boston Marathon tragedy is so powerful and so true. (http://quotespictures.net/quote-pictures/quotes-about-boston/a)

This quote regarding the Boston Marathon tragedy is so powerful and true. (http://quotespictures.net/quote-pictures/quotes-about-boston)



3 thoughts on “Weekly Recap, DC, Thinking of Boston

  1. Yay, I’m so excited to hear about your race!! You’re going to do SO great!!! 🙂

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