My New Favorite Thing


So I mentioned this product the other day in a post, but I felt the need to expand on the love on my new favorite thing – Spark Energy Drink from Advocare! I have been taking it now for a week, and I can already say I am hooked!

I take the Spark with 8 ounces of water before my workouts. Before I started using Spark, I might drink some water, Gatorade, or many times just nothing at all. But since I have no caffeine in my diet now that I have cut out soda and have never been a coffee drinker, I was definitely lacking the energy to really give it my all during my workouts. The past week though since I started drinking it, I have noticed SUCH a change in my workouts. During my runs I am not getting as tired, and for my other cross-training activities I have so much more endurance and energy. My runs have all been so much faster as well, which I would directly correlate to my use of Spark.

The benefits, as listed on the Advocare website, include:

  • Enhances mental energy and focus

  • Provides support for long-lasting energy

  • Helps fight occasional drowsiness

  • 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients

  • Sugar-free and only 45 calories

  • Helps reduce free radicals

The price for a canister is a little high, but the results are definitely worth the price. And if you are used to spending money every day on coffee or other energy drinks, then it isn’t that high at all. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone and I am really happy with the results I have had so far. I have also been using Rehydrate drink from Advocare after my runs, and it tastes great and works well also.

(I want to also express that I was not paid to endorse this product, I do not work for Advocare, I just really love it and felt the need to let others know about it! 🙂 )




One thought on “My New Favorite Thing

  1. Wow, looks really good!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

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