Midweek Ramblings

Just a couple of random running rambles for the week!!

1—Yesterday, I completed a 5 mile run.  Unfortunately, we got snow (yes, you read that right) on Monday evening, so I was forced to do my run indoors on the treadmill on Tuesday evening (my schedule was jam packed during the day).  During the run, there was a special on ESPN2 about the Boston Marathon.  Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  1 year ago, I was still a pretty newbie runner (I still think of myself as a newbie still even with 4 halfs under my belt!) and the way the running community responded was absolutely amazing.  My foot was bothering me but watching the stories and hearing about people surviving without limbs and preserving on, I knew that something was up with my foot but I fought thru the pain.  After the run, I discovered that my sock had come down on my foot, so my foot was unprotected from the back of my shoe.  Here is what it looked like!

photo 1-3


Needless to say, the trip that my mom and I have already planned to the running store to buy some more new socks on Saturday will be well worth it!!

2—Chicago Marathon lottery results came out on Monday.  While I did not register for the lottery, I am very jealous of all who did!!  Since I’m running a half marathon in Detroit the week after Chicago, I knew there was no way that I would be able to run Chicago even if I wanted to.   I won the running lottery for the Nike Women’s Half in DC in December and I truly felt like I did win the lottery by getting selected.  If I make it thru Disney in January, I will definitely be entering the lottery for Chicago Marathon 2015.

3—Only 11 days until my 5th Half Marathon and 9 days until we get to Washington DC!  Lauren, her friend Phu, and I have a jam packed schedule for our 3 day trip to the nation’s capital.  From going to a few DC destinations, eating at some fun places, and running in the race, we will be constantly on the go!!  I’ll share more about our plans in a post next week!



One thought on “Midweek Ramblings

  1. Yay, you’re going to have so much fun in DC. It sounds like you have a great schedule and are ready to go!! XOXO!!!

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