Weekly Recap – Lauren

I didn’t do as many runs as I was hoping for last week, but nevertheless, I did have a great week of running. Here was a quick snapshot of my week:

Monday, April 7: 4 miles running

Tuesday, April 8: 2 miles running

Wednesday, April 9: 4.5 miles running

Thursday, April 10: Rest Day

Friday, April 11: 5 miles running (8:42 pace 🙂 )

Saturday, April 12: Rest Day

Sunday, April 13: 10 miles running (9:14 pace 🙂 )

This week, I have started to run with my dog Lilli more than usual because I don’t think she has been getting enough exercise lately (mostly due to the crummy winter weather) and thus she was getting restless in her cage when we were not at home. So, I took her on more of my runs to wear her out and in hopes that she wouldn’t whine and annoy the neighbors when we were gone. Therefore, my runs on Monday and Tuesday were cut shorter than I wanted because it was much warmer out and she got tired quicker than usual.

But on Friday, I had two new aspects that I think helped my run greatly! First of all, I have noticed that my feet and shins/calves were in a lot of pain after my runs lately. I suspected that this was because I needed new running shoes since I have put so many miles on my shoes (and I have really bad feet and wear out shoes quicker than the average person). So, while I really loved my Brooks Ghost running shoes, I decided to try something new and went with the Saucony Ride 6 (same shoes that my friend Phu has and really likes). OMG, these shoes are amazing! I wore them for my 5 mile run on Friday and they were instantly comfortable and no pain afterwards 🙂 They definitely helped me get a great run in on Friday (and Sunday).

Another part that helped was the drink I took before my run – Advocare Spark. Wow, this stuff is amazing! It is an energy drink that helps with exercising as well as mental focus and it helped me greatly to have energy for the run and sustain a great pace. This stuff works like magic! I will definitely keep drinking it and can’t wait to try out all the flavors (right now I have orange tangerine which reminds me of Tang!)

This current week is my taper week before race week which is coming up so soon! I can’t wait to get in another great week of runs starting today and am so psyched for DC in less than 2 weeks!



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