Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Weekly Recap:

Monday, April 7th: Yoga Class (75 minute class)

Tuesday, April 8th: 4.5 miles running (10:18 pace)

Wednesday, April 9th: Rest Day

Thursday, April 10th: Rest Day

Friday, April 11th: 4.5 miles running (10:26 pace)

Saturday, April 12th: 9 miles running (11:00 pace)

Sunday, April 13th: Rest Day

My week started off pretty well, but as work got more hectic and chaotic, my running suffered a bit 😦

I was planning on doing my second run for the week on Thursday, but I ended up working 12 hours instead at work (9-9 shift… ugh). By Friday, I knew that I had to do the run and I had to take a break from work to get the run in (I was literally getting the shakes and nerves about not getting the run in) so I was able to get it in. But my weekend was hectic and the weather looked awful for Sunday, so I had to do my long run on Saturday. My legs were tired (after a 12 hour work day on Thursday, 4.5 miles plus work on Friday, the list goes on and on), so the run was not great and was not on pace with my goal for DC. I was upset, but I know that my legs will be well rested on race day and I’ll be running a bit better… hopefully!!

13 days until DC!!



One thought on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. Way to go with your runs!! Life definitely gets in the way sometimes, but you still did a perfect job!! 🙂

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