Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Weekly Recap:
Monday, March 31st: Yoga Class (75 minute class)
Tuesday, April 1st: 4 miles running (10:18 pace)
Wednesday, April 2nd: Rest Day
Thursday, April 3rd: 4 miles running (10:29 pace)
Friday, April 4th: Rest Day—foam rolled
Saturday, April 5th—8 miles running (10:18 pace) OUTSIDE!! First run of the year at the forest preserve!
Sunday, April 6th—Rest Day

Tuesday was a cold but manageable run outside, but unfortunately, the same could not be sad about Thursday. It rained most of the day on Thursday and by the afternoon it was a miserable 35 degrees. I decided it wasn’t worth getting more sick than I already was (I got a nasty sore throat Sunday night that turned into a cold/running nose by Tuesday and into Wednesday) and decided to get my miles done on the treadmill. I’ve determined that I’m not a good indoor track runner unless there is no one else there running because people do not follow rules (ie walking in the running lane, not looking when exiting, children goofing off, etc) and it makes me stressed out. As long as there is something good on tv, I can do the treadmill for about 10 miles (then I start to go crazy).

Saturday was a crazy day at work, but I had 2.5 hours in between events, so I was able to successfully get in my 8 mile run plus a shower before going back to work on Saturday. I was so happy to get outside and get my run in at the forest preserve on Saturday (I only do forest preserve long runs on the weekends when there are lots of people on the trail—safety first!!). While it wasn’t my latest best long run, it’s still under 10:40 pace, and the forest preserve is hilly, so I was happy.
19 days until DC!!



One thought on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. 19 days!! Hooray!!! AND phenomenal workouts!! You’re a very hard worker!!

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