Weekly Recap – Kathleen

Weekly Recap:

Monday, March 24th: Rest Day

Tuesday, March 25th: 3.5 miles running (10:40 pace)

Wednesday, March 26th: Rest Day

Thursday, March 27th: 3.5 miles running (10:21 pace)

Friday, March 28th: 7 miles running (10:13 pace)

Saturday, March 29th: Rest Day—foam rolling and stretching to get ready for race day

Sunday, March 30th: Shamrock Shuffle 8k—5 miles at 49:05 (9:53 pace!)

Unfortunately the “spring break” weather was not very springy at all as I had to complete my 3 training runs on the treadmill this week ☹.  It was cold and gloomy on all of my running days, so I decided it was better to complete the miles on the treadmill than going outside.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate for next week and I can get back outside to start on week 5 of 8 of my half marathon training for Washington DC.

My full recap on the Shamrock Shuffle will be on the blog on Thursday but I have determined that this is my final Shamrock Shuffle for a few years (even though I had an awesome race with an over 5 minute 8k PR).  Spending $45 on an 8k race with no medal, the crappiest t-shirt this year (more on that on Thursday), and a huge hassle of going into downtown Chicago when you live in the suburbs, I’m done. I guess I forgot about some of these elements of this race when I signed up… I was reminded of it when I went to the expo on Friday.   Next year, I’ve already planned on running in the “Run the Bluegrass” race which will be held on Saturday March 28th.  For ten more dollars, I’ll get an amazing medal, great race shirt (they have women’s cut shirts in two styles), and 8.1 more miles!  I’ve been following the race closely on Twitter and Facebook this year and the race director is absolutely amazing (he responds to all questions and has so many more extras!).  I’ll be signing up as soon as that race opens up!

Only 4 weeks and less than 30 days now until Washington DC!






One thought on “Weekly Recap – Kathleen

  1. Nice job with your workouts!! Wow, how exciting!!! 4 weeks away!!!

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