Weekly Recap – Lauren

Sorry I am posting this SO late in the day! One of my best friends, Phu, is visiting for the weekend and we have been jam packed doing so many things! So, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and then update you all on some of the fun physical-fitness activities we have done on Wednesday!

The beginning of this week, I kept pretty relaxed because I was “recovering” from my half marathon on that Sunday. Then I picked it up towards the end of the week and started following back on the Nike Half Marathon plan. So, here was my week:

Monday, March 24th: Rest

Tuesday, March 25th: Rest

Wednesday, March 26th: 3.1 miles running

Thursday, March 27th: 3 miles running

Friday, March 28th: 5 miles running

Saturday, March 29th: Rest Day

Sunday, March 30th: 12 miles running



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