Shamrock Shuffle Weekend

It’s finally time for one of my most favorite races of the year… the Shamrock Shuffle!  I really love St. Patrick’s Day, so a race that’s inspired by my favorite holiday… sign me up!!

Today, I’ll be heading downtown to Navy Pier for the Shamrock Shuffle Expo.  Even though it’s only an 8k race, it attracts almost 40,000 runners and it is sponsored by the Bank of America (same sponsors as the Chicago Marathon).  Therefore, this 8k expo is a little better than your average 8k expo!

Navy Pier is a HUGE amusement park type attraction along Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago.  My only complaint about having the expo at Navy Pier is that it takes an incredibly long time to actually get to actually get to the part of the building where the expo is being held at.  It literally took me 20 minutes to get to the actual expo last year.  Driving to downtown Chicago is not only difficult, but also super expensive (it would cost me between $20-40 to park my car anywhere near Navy Pier), so I’m always on a time crunch dealing with catching a train back to the suburbs.  The other location where many race expos is held is McCormick Place, which is also not super fun to get to and costs between $20-30 to park.  Races held in Chicago suck for suburb folks who have to come into the city early to get their bib.

Last year, I registered for 2 races at the expo and received $20 in Chipotle gift cards.  It was my first ever race expo, so I didn’t realize that signing up for races at an expo would get you a discount!  This year, I will not be signing up for any races as I already have one half scheduled for June and July running is just unbearable in Chicago.   Even though I’m not planning on running in the Chicago Marathon in October, I am thinking about going to the expo, because of the races I am interested in will be there and I’d like to score an expo discount for 2015 🙂

My only goal for Sunday’s race is to *hopefully* do better than my time last year of 54:10.  If I don’t do better than last year, I’ll be ok with that but that’s my goal going into the race.  If nothing else, I’ll score some cute merchandise at the expo on Friday and enjoy running in 50-60 degree weather 🙂



2 thoughts on “Shamrock Shuffle Weekend

  1. WOOHOO!!! Good luck!! You’re going to do GREAT!!!!

  2. girl… i feel ya about packet pick up! it’s HORRIBLE for us suburb people when it comes to chicago races! if there’s an option to pay and have it mail to my house, i ALWAYS pick it now! saves me the hassle and a day worrying about how to get the packet pick up! and i agree-navy pier-not a great location for that! or mccomick (but this past year i got lucky-i had a friend drive me to it-but then i didn’t have time to check out anything!)

    and good to know about expos that you get discounts! i’ll def have to keep that in mind for future races!

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