Half Marathon Weekend


For just this week, I have taken it easy on my training in anticipation of my first half marathon of the year this Sunday. I will be participating in the Relay and Run for 21, which is a half marathon and 3-person half marathon relay race. I am doing the half by myself, and I am really looking forward to it. I looked at the current participants and it seems like the majority are doing the half as opposed to the relay, so I definitely won’t be alone for the 13.1 miles!

I found this race at the end of last year while I was trying to put together a race calendar for the beginning of the year. The price was great (only $45 for early registration), the location was close (it starts in Clayton, a suburb of St. Louis), and the timing was great for my running schedule.

The other great part of this race is that it gives back money to some great organizations. Thousands of dollars are raised for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St Louis and the Pujols Family Foundation. It feels great to be apart of a race that is giving back to the community and I hope to find more like this one in the future.

The packet pickup is tomorrow and Saturday, but unfortunately I work both days, so Justin is being an awesome boyfriend and is going to pick it up for me! I don’t think there is a large expo or anything associated with the race, so I don’t feel too upset that I am missing it.

The race starts at 7:30AM on Sunday morning, so it will be an early wake-up call for me in order to get prepared! My main goal for the race is to keep a steady pace, and to pick up the pace during the last 3 miles. I have a bad habit of starting off too fast, so I’m hoping to contain my energy/excitement at the beginning of the race and save that for the end so I can have a strong finish.

I have only ran two halfs, and my PR is currently 2:12. I definitely would love to beat this on Sunday, and hopefully I have trained well enough up to this point to be able to! If not, there’s always DC next month!



2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Weekend

  1. Awesome!!!! You’re going to do SOOOO great I just know it and what a great boyfriend!! I love it!!! You’re going to PR!!! Great insight, too- starting out conserving your energy and saving it for the end of the race!! Very smart!!!

  2. I know you’re totally going to PR too!! Just think how much more you’ve been running now than the last one!! I cannot wait to hear all about it on Sunday!! 🙂

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