1 Year Racing Anniversary

All my racing medals so far!

All my racing medals so far!

This past Saturday, it was my 1 year racing anniversary.  My very first race was the St. Patrick’s Day 8k in St. Louis with Lauren where I finished in 56:50.  I remember I was so happy because my only goal of the race was to finish within 1 hour.  I really wanted to beat Lauren that day because I had trained a lot more than her, but in the end, she beat me by more than 5 minutes and it was then I knew she could be a speed demon!

I remember how hard it was to train for that first race.  I started slow and followed a plan.  I totally thought 4 miles would kill me.  Even during the race, I remember hitting the wall at mile 3.  How times have changed just one year later.

1 year later, I have done 9 races (4 halfs, 2 8ks, 1 10 miler, 1 10k, and 1 half relay).  I’ve never done a 5k race and honestly I’m not sure when I ever will.  I’m a better longer distance runner and sprinting isn’t really my thing.  Plus races are expensive, so I’d rather spend money on the races I really want/need to do for my state challenge than throwing away money on 5ks without medals and disappointment in myself for not running fast ☹

On Saturday March 15, 2014, even though I wasn’t in St. Louis for the 8k race with Lauren, my training program called for a 5 mile run on the weekend.   And on this 5 mile run, I finished in 50:16 (10:02 pace).   That’s over 7:30 better than the same distance 1 year ago!  I couldn’t believe it when I finished my run and figured it out.  I could barely wipe the smile off my face when I was done on Saturday.  It was a perfect running day for outside (I had to avoid a few ice puddles and muddy areas) and I think I was so happy because I was finally able to get a long run in outside.

Can I get faster?  Probably… but I’ll need to start doing more speed work, eating better and do more cross training.  All of which are not always high on my priority list.  But I know if I want to keep getting better, staying injury free and keep the scale going down, I’ll need to start making these things a priority.

What will the next year of running hold for me?  Currently, I’m signed up for 3 more halfs thru October (I’d like to add 1 more) and after figuring out my tax return is going to be pretty good, I’m going to run my first full in Disney in January.

This has been a great journey so far and I cannot wait to keep it going for as long as I can!



9 thoughts on “1 Year Racing Anniversary

  1. I know a guy that is planning to do Disney with you!!!

  2. Wow, what a great journey you’re on!!! I think you’re so phenomenal!!! Beautiful medals, too!!

  3. Way to go Kathleen! 5ks can be hit or miss. I’ve run more 5ks than any other race distance, but that’s partly due to many of the 5ks that I’ve run being associated with school events or a team activity for Team Red White and Blue, a veterans organization that we’re a part of. But I agree, if I were picking races to sign up for based on wanting to race and do well, then I wouldn’t choose 5ks.

  4. Awesome! I love runniversaries — it’s always so much fun to look back on how far you’ve come! You are going to LOOOOOOVE the WDW Marathon, BTW — I couldn’t have asked for a better first marathon experience! 😀

    • Yep, I’m planning to do exactly what you did… go DOPEY!! It’ll be my first and probably last marathon…haha. The training is going to be a struggle… but I’m determined!!

  5. Happy running anniversary! Glad you caught the running bug!

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