Next 5 on the List…

Today, I’ll tackle the next 5 states on my 50 state challenge list.

ColoradoRock N Roll Denver

-This is another Rock N Roll race and it takes place in October each year.  As I’ve said before Rock N Roll does an excellent job at putting on races and I’ll combine Rock N Roll races so I can earn extra bling!

ConnecticutING Hartford Half

– This one has awesome bling!  It takes place in October each year in the capital of Connecticut.

DelawareRehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon

-This  race is held in December each year and is about 2 hour drive from Philadelphia or Baltimore.  There are not many races to choose in Delaware—and this one looked like the most popular one!

Florida—Disclaimer—Florida has a TON of great races… I think I should probably move there!

Walt Disney World Half Marathon—I’ll be registering for this one onApril 22!  The Walt Disney World Marathon weekend is held in January each year and is the biggest racing event at Disney World.  I still have a month to decide, but I’m pretty positive I’m going to go Dopey in 2015 (5k on Thursday, 10k on Friday, Half Marathon on Saturday and Marathon on Sunday)—4 races, 48.6 miles—6 medals!  I’ll need to fully commit myself to running and training, but if I’m going to run one marathon in my lifetime, why not do it at Disney and why not do it big

Princess Half Marathon—Walt Disney created the Glass Slipper Challenge this year which is a 10k on Saturday and a Half Marathonon Sunday.  I’d love to do this race someday with Lauren and a race focused on women sounds like fun!!  Plus 3 medals for 2 races.. who can resist!

Wine and Dine Half Marathon—A race focused on wine and food in Disneyworld in November!  I’m not a wine fan, but I do love me some good food!

iGasparilla—This race is on my radar for the future for sure!  I’d be doing the Micelob Ultra Challenge which is a 5k and 10k on Saturdayand then a Half  Marathon and an 8k on Sunday for 5 medals!  The race is in Tampa Bay in February each year.  The medals are awesome, the shirts are great and the price is super reasonable ($185 for everything).

Miami Half Marathon— This race is held in January/February each year and features the world famous spinner medal!  The only big downside to this race is I’ve heard Miami is not cheap for hotels, flights, etc.  Also, this past year, they ran out of medals!  They claim a shipment was lost and they did send all runners a medal after the race, but that is just not right to begin with!

GeorgiaPublix Georgia Half Marathon

–This race sounds great!  The medal always has the legendary Georgia peach on it and this year’s medal also has a hit of green since its held around St. Patrick’s Day each year.  The race is a bit hilly, but I’ve experienced the hills of Mississippi—so bring it!   Atlanta is super easy to get to from Chicago, so this race will be in the near future for me!

–Another race to consider is the Rock N Roll Savannah, but I’ve heard Savannah is not as easy to get to… but Rock N Roll Savannah will stay on my list as a possibility!

I hope you enjoy hearing about my future future races and I’ll keeping updating as we still have 40 states to go!



8 thoughts on “Next 5 on the List…

  1. Wow, love this challenge!! Super cool! 😉

  2. If you want a cool medal you can look at the Space Coast Half in Florida as well.

  3. For any runDisney races, be ready to register the moment that registration opens. They’ve been reducing the number of registration slots in an effort to ease crowding on the course, particularly since for Marathon and Princess weekends the half and full courses bottleneck after you leave Magic Kingdom. The races have been selling out faster and faster each year!

    • Oh believe me, I will be ready on April 22nd!! Luckily in my job, I can plan around things like this so I have zero distractions when registration goes live and I can register the moment it opens. I watched on Twitter when Dumbo sold out in 43 minutes :).. now I just need to make sure my bank account is ready for that huge registration fee…haha

  4. i like learning about your races! it does seem like cali and fl have great ones bc of disney! i feel like i want to do all of their races.. lol

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