My (Running) Week So Far

bodymindI was a little clueless today on what to blog about, so I considered just skipping today. I then headed over to Pinterest to check out the latest pins and I ended up finding some pins related to running, and then I found the image above. Right as I read it, I felt like it was the perfect image to represent what I have been feeling this past week when it comes to running!

As I previously posted about, Sunday totally sucked for my running schedule. There was a bad winter storm, and the gym was closed down because of it, so I was not able to complete my scheduled 12 mile run. I was really bummed about this because I had been looking forward to the run all week.

Then on Monday, I was scheduled to run 5 miles. I usually do my runs in the morning, but I had to take Lilli to the vet for a check-up and Kathleen came around 12:30PM and we went out to lunch. I moved my run to about 3PM because I thought that I would no longer feel full from lunch by then, and then I would be able to finish my run before Justin got back from work. This did not work out as well as I would have liked it to!

I got to the gym at 3PM, and to say I was dragging would be an understatement! I did not want to run at all. I’ll be honest, 3PM has always been the time I drag during the day to begin with, and I was still full from the big salad I had at lunch. My mind was not in at all, but I just HAD to get this run done!

Once I started running, I just knew it was going to be bad. I kept checking my app about every .1 miles to see how far I had gone because I was so anxious for it to be over with! And then when I finally hit 2 miles (which seemed like forever!!), I really started to feel nauseous and did not know how much longer I could go. I got half-way through at 2.5 miles, and I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to go much farther without puking. But I kept telling myself to keep going. But at 2.83 miles my legs just stopped. I could not go on any longer! I got my stuff out of my locker at the gym, and then headed back home to relax. I was so mad at myself for stopping, but even more frustrated that I had not planned my schedule better during the day.

I think my run suffered because of my poor scheduling, but also because of all the negative thoughts in my mind. When your mind keeps telling your body to stop, chances are you will stop. So, I really love this image I found on Pinterest because it’s so true – if you have positive thoughts then chances are positive things are going to happen. But if you buy into the negative thoughts that enter your mind, then don’t be so shocked when negative things arise.

Yesterday, luckily, was a completely different story. I finished my 8 mile progression run fairly easily and overall just felt so much better about my running. I am now looking forward to the rest of my runs this week, and cannot wait to take on the 12 miles on Sunday. (And it seems like the weather will be on my side this time thankfully!)



One thought on “My (Running) Week So Far

  1. your week sounds a lot like mine. its amazing how much mentality is involved in running/fitness in general! i remember in pure barre when they would tell me what do to and i would be like WTF do you want me to do!?! they often tell you in that class to close your eyes and focus and you can do it! too bad you can’t do that in running or else you’ll run into something lol i feel bad whoever sees me when i run, sometimes to get things off my mind, i feel like i start dancing, or even singing to the music on my run lol but only when i’m outside and i’m like pretty sure i’m alone lol

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