Nike Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 4

At the beginning of the week, I was filled with both excitement and nervousness over the high mileage I would be putting in in just seven days. And for the first 5 days, it was rough but everything was going according to my training schedule.

Then yesterday, I was scheduled for my long run of the week – 12 miles. I had awoken at 4AM because I could hear the freezing rain banging against the windows. I was worried that this was definitely going to affect my run, but went back to sleep hoping that when I woke up everything would be fine. So a few hours later, I woke up and checked online to see if my gym with the indoor track was still open. It was. I had already decided against running outside because on top of the freezing rain we got, we also got a few inches of snow over night and there were several reports of horrible conditions due to ice freezing on top of the snow. Because of this, it was obviously not going to be a safe option to go outside.

So I quickly got ready in about 15 minutes, and woke up Justin to ask him to take me to the gym because I was a little worried about driving my Corolla in the icy conditions. He said he would take me to the gym, but that I should call them first to see if they were going to be closing anytime earlier. So I told him that was a good idea, but I would check online first because that is where the gym had stated they would post about any closings. I went back onto the website like I had just a little bit earlier, and now there was an update – the gym would be closing in just 15 minutes! I was so upset because I was really prepared to do this long run, and wanted to follow the training plan. Unfortunately, this was just not going to happen this week and there was really nothing I could do about it 😦 After a few minutes (probably more) of sulking, I realized that I needed to get over it because this was out of my control and it would be OK if I missed one run. I was thinking about doing my long run today instead, but now I have decided to just do this week’s training plan and luckily I have another run of 12 miles this upcoming Sunday and the weather seems like it will cooperate with me for the most part this week!

This was what I ended up doing this week:

Monday, February 24: 5 miles outside

Tuesday, February 25: 8 miles outside

Wednesday, February 26: 6 miles outside

Thursday, February 27: 5 miles on the indoor track

Friday, March 28: 3 miles outside

Total Mileage: 27 Miles (Still good, but not the 39 I was planning for!)

A fun part of last week was seeing Kathleen on Friday. She stopped down and stayed at our place Friday night, before making the rest of her drive to Little Rock for the half marathon. We went out to dinner Friday night after she arrived, and then went to bed shortly upon returning to my apartment because Kathleen had an early wakeup call on Saturday morning in order to get to Little Rock! It was good to see her though, and can’t wait to read her recap of her half!


With Kathleen at dinner!

My goals for this week are to complete all 33 miles (please weather, cooperate!) and have a good long run on Sunday. I also need to eat better, because I had a lot of junk this week and that needs to stop. I am excited to start Phase 3 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution this week. This is the last phase of the system, and it means I have only one month left until I am finished with it. I am very happy that I have gotten this far, and am looking forward to seeing the workouts coming up in the last and hardest phase.



5 thoughts on “Nike Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 4

  1. My bum knee, foot, and I are training vicariously through you! someday, I’ll get there. 😦

  2. What a great week of running!!! Fantastic!!! 🙂

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