Ready for the Oscars!

I shared last week how I had seen 4 of the 9 Best Picture Oscar nominated films on Saturday February 22.  Last year, I actually saw all 9 films in a 24 hour period… that was crazy, I don’t think I’ll ever do that again! 

But I did see the other 5 films… one a week once the announcements were made.  It makes it difficult to make time to see 5 movies when you’re busy working 40+ hours a week, training for a half marathon and dealing with everything else life throws at you!  But I’m happy to say I accomplished my goal of seeing them all and I thought it would be neat to share the films in the order that I saw them and give you my take on who I think will be taking home the big prizes tonight!


Nebraska—This was my first film and I have to say it was one of my favorites!  It’s about an old man from Montana who thinks he has won the lottery in Nebraska (like a publishers clearing house).  His family knows he is crazy and he didn’t win anything but he is determined to go to Nebraska to collect his winnings.  The movie is about a son and a fathers journey to Nebraska and their relationship. 


Captain Phillips—This movie was on DVD so I was able to just Redbox it instead of having to spend the money to go see it.  It is about pirates in Africa overtaking a cargo ship which is captained by Tom Hanks.  It is a pretty good movie, the pirates are great (unknown actors who just showed up for an audition) and Tom Hanks is very good as well.  Did he miss out on Best Actor nomination?  Well, unfortunately, this year there were just too many good actors to choose from (I saw all five nominated actors movies and they all were excellent)… but was it a Ben Affleck type snub (Ben Affleck won best director for Argo at the Golden Globes but missed out on an Academy Award nomination)?  I don’t think so.


Gravity—Definitely the worst of the bunch.  90% of the movie is Sandra Bullock by herself lost in space trying to get back to Earth.  George Clooney is in about 10% of the movie.  Good concept, but pretty boring.  And the 3D… wasn’t necessary.


Her—Interesting movie.  It’s about an antisocial man who is going thru a divorce and falls in love with his operating system.  Sadly, it could be true someday.  It was very advanced in the future and all I could think was how this might be possible someday.  Weird concept for a movie, but pretty interesting.


American Hustle—I was very excited about seeing this movie.  It has a lot of big name actors and has been getting a lot of buzz for Best Picture.  If it does win, I won’t be upset or surprised.  Amy Adams is amazing in her role… I hope she wins, but I didn’t see Blue Jasmine, so I cannot compare her with Cate Blanchett.  I love Jennifer Lawrence, but after seeing Lupita Nyong’o’s performance in 12 Years a Slave, if Jennifer wins, I’ll be upset.  Christian Bale is good, but not as good as others.  Overall, the story is fun, creative and enjoyable.  This is a must rent one!


Philomena—I barely knew anything about this movie before seeing it.  It is about an older woman who finally breaks a 50 year silence in sharing the story of her birth to her first child when she was a teenager who had to be given up for adoption.  It is set in Ireland (I went to Ireland in November, so it brought back memories) and also in America.  She figures out who/where her son is with a help of a reporter from Britain.  It was an incredible movie that didn’t drag on but was very enjoyable.


Dallas Buyers Club—Wow.  This movie was very powerful.  It’s about a man who contracts HIV in the 1980s through drugs and unprotected sex (he was not gay), but when people find out he is HIV positive they assume he must be gay.  Matthew McConaughey is only given 30 days to live.  He finds that he can get better supplements/vitamins in other parts of the world to survive and he starts to bring them into the US and starts a buyers club in Dallas for other HIV patients.  In the beginning of the movie, he is homophobic, so the majority of people who he would be selling to, he does not want to associate with.  Eventually he befriends Jared Leto’s character and together they create a very successful Dallas Buyers club.  The story was great, acting was phenomenal (both McConaughey and Leto should win hands down for their roles) and I loved it overall.  I would highly suggest anyone to see it.


The Wolf of Wall Street—Wow, Wall Street is a tough environment.  Greed, sex, drugs and lies are all over this movie.  The movie revolves around Leonardo Dicaprio’s character who creates a company and in the process loses himself.  The movie was good, but definitely dragged a little (it was almost 3 hours).  Leonardo and Jonah Hill both gave great performances, but I don’t think either of them deserves the award. 


12 Years a Slave—Sadly, this movie was a true story… which I didn’t know going into it.  A black man from the free north is basically captured and taken to the south to be a slave.  He knows no one and he cannot prove that he is free.  The movie was an incredibly powerful story about slavery and the injustice that happened in our society for years.  Lupita Nyong’o gave an outstanding performance and she deserves the Best Supporting Actress award on Sunday.  The other performances were also good, but should not win against their competition.  The movie has a good shot at being awarded Best Picture and if it does, I won’t be upset.  It is a very good movie that I enjoyed but would never want to see again (hard time in American society). 
I hope you enjoyed this quick review of the 9 Best Picture nominees for the 2014 Academy Awards!  Back to the running focus on Monday 🙂

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