On the Road to Little Rock!

By the time you’re probably reading this, I’m probably on the road to the Little Rock Half Marathon! 637 miles one way—the longest road trip I’ve driven on my own in my life! I’ve been in the car to North Carolina and Florida before, but I wasn’t driving on those trips! And this may be especially difficult because I will be all by myself… no one to chat with, not even my dog Kallie!

Luckily, I have XM radio in my car and lots of interesting radio stations to listen to and choose from. Also, I’m not driving all 637 miles in one day. I’ll drive about 300 miles on Friday to St Louis and stay overnight with Lauren, Justin and their huge dog Lilli that always likes to sleep in the cage right by me when I’m there 🙂 My plan is to get up pretty early (I’m planning on leaving Lauren’s place around 5 am) and I should make it to Little Rock area around 11 am—which will be great timing to go to the Whole Hog Café. They are the sponsors for the 10k race on Sunday and I’m always happy to give my money back to sponsors especially for good food!!

After lunch, my plan is to head straight to the expo, get my bib, browse a bit, and probably do a bit of shopping. For these trips to running destinations that I would not normally go to, I try and find places that are special to the area, so when I think about Little Rock Arkansas… I remember hearing about that place for the first time when I was a little kid and some guy with a saxophone was running for president…

Therefore, my plan for Saturday afternoon is to go to the Clinton Presidential Library! The price is extremely reasonable ($7.00 for admission and then I’m planning on getting the headset for an extra $3.00) and should be very educational! I’ve never been to a presidential library, so I’m pretty excited! We may not agree with some things he did in his personal life, but he was the president of this country for eight years and the economy was pretty good back then.

After I get done at the museum, I’m hoping to have time to check into my hotel room before the Pasta Party Dinner that night.

I’m super excited for this EPIC weekend!! Wait to read my whole recap coming either Tuesday or Thursday next week!



One thought on “On the Road to Little Rock!

  1. So exciting!! I can’t wait to read the report!! Have fun!!

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