Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap:

Monday—Rest Day

Tuesday—5 miles on the treadmill (10:58 pace)

Wednesday—Rest Day

Thursday—5 miles on the treadmill (10:59 pace)

Friday—Rest Day

Saturday—Rest Day

Sunday—10 miles on the treadmill (10:56 pace)

I won’t lie—this wasn’t a great week    My new crosstraining class on Monday was cancelled due to President’s Day—which was a good thing because we also got 7 inches of snow that day and I wouldn’t have been able to go to the class anyways.

After two days off of running on Sunday and Monday, I jumped onto the treadmill and completed my 5 required miles at a pretty good pace on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I foam rolled my legs and glutes, which was a good idea, but during my run on Thursday, I had a new ache/ailment.  My right knee started acting up on mile 3… so much that I had to hit pause on the machine and stretch it out… which I rarely do!  I’ve never had my right side of my body give me any issues, so it was a shock to me, especially when my left side is feeling super strong now.  So Thursday evening, Friday morning, and right now, I’m icing that knee.  I also need to use some KT tape and continue foam rolling everyday until Sunday’s half marathon!


On Saturday, I had one of my most fun days of the year that has become an annual tradition—Best Picture Oscar Day at AMC theater.  You go to the movies and see either 4 or 5 of the Best Picture nominees.  Yesterday, they showed 4 of the Oscar nominated films which started at 12 pm and finished up at 10:30 pm (each movie had a 20 minute break in-between and between movie 3 and 4, there was an hour break for dinner).  It is always a super fun day, but my life is completely different from when I did the showcase last year.  Last year, I was training for my first race, an 8k, and I think I was up to 3 or 4 miles of training when the showcase happened.  This year, I had a 10 mile training run the day after the showcase.  So I didn’t eat as much as I use to and I constantly moved around in my seat so my legs wouldn’t lock up or have too many issues today!

Yesterday’s 10 mile run was a little difficult with my right knee, but when it started to hurt, I relaxed and made it through the run.  I’m not thrilled that almost all of my training runs were done on the treadmill, but with sidewalks still covered in snow and ice since January, I’m not going to risk it.  I’m hoping that when I start training for my next half (which will start on Tuesday after Little Rock!), I’ll be able to do them pretty much all outside!

Now starts tapering so that I’m ready for Sunday’s half in Little Rock!



7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Well, I think you had a great week!! Tapering time is always fun!! 😉 Enjoy your week!!

  2. i saw you went to go see those movies again! at least you only saw a few!?! i know last year you watched all of them! lol

    good job on training-you’re going to do amazing next weekend! ahhh i’m so slow you and lauren are going to wait forever for me to finish in DC.. i just hope i finish before our plane leaves to go back to chicago lol

    • Yeah, since I have my half on Sunday I couldn’t do the 24 hour marathon again this year (it starts on Saturday)… so I had to settle for just 4 movies on Saturday (which is probably better, I wasn’t feeling too good last year after watching movies for 24 hours straight). Once the Oscar nominations were announced in January and the lineup came out for the Best Picture Showcase, I saw the other 5 movies (1 a week for 5 weeks)… so I still got a chance to see them all 🙂
      Don’t worry, if you finish a little slower than Lauren and I, than that just means that we’ll be able to take your picture getting your Tiffany box at the end :). Poor Lauren will have to ask a stranger to take her picture…haha

  3. That best picture Oscar day sounds like a blast! Did you have to pay for each movie separately?! Poor college student over here can only afford to go to the movies every once in a while haha

  4. Good luck on your Half in Little Rock.

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