Nike Half Marathon Training – Recap Week 3

On Sunday, I wrapped up my third week of training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon coming up in April. I ran another 31 miles, and had my longest run so far – 10 miles. Overall, it went pretty well, but I can definitely tell that my legs are feeling the effects of all these miles! I’m going to have to do a better job of foam rolling, icing, etc. after my runs so that I make sure to stay injury-free. Here is a recap of my week:

Monday, February 17th – 5 mile run on the indoor track:

– This was a tough run for me just because I did it at around 5PM, after I had been at a special staff day at work all day. I usually don’t do runs in the evening so that was definitely a different experience for me. The track was a bit more crowded than I was used to as well, but I maintained a pretty good pace, and I finished the run strong with my fastest mile coming in at mile number 5.

Tuesday, February 18th – 6 mile run outside:

-On Tuesday, I had a 6 mile progression run that I did outside. Basically, I started off with an easy 2 mile warm-up run, then the next 3 miles I had to keep increasing the pace, and ended with a 1 mile cold down run. When I first started this run, I thought I was going to have to turn around, grab my car keys, and do my run at the indoor track. I did the run early because I had work at noon, and while the high for the day was supposed to be 60 degrees, it was not even close to this temperature at 8AM! So my first two miles were extremely rough, because the trail was covered in ice and snow still. Luckily, by mile 3 I found a path on the other side of the park that was snow and ice free, so I kept going back and fourth on that path! I was just happy that I was able to complete my run outside and that I was able to follow the progression run as stated in my training plan.

Wednesday, February 19th – 5 mile run outside:

-By the time I ran on Wednesday, ALL of the snow and ice was gone and it was warm outside, so needless to say this run was wonderful! I think I had a smile plastered on my face for the first few miles just because I was so happy that it was so beautiful outside! The first 3 miles were at a much faster pace than I was normal to, and I think this was due to the fact of my excitement over the weather. It was such a relief to not have to worry about slipping on the ice or snow, and it was my best run of the week by far.

Thursday, February 20th – 5 mile run on the treadmill:

It was windy and cold outside on this day, so I decided to go back to the gym and do my run inside. I chose the treadmill over the indoor track, which looking back was probably not the best idea. Usually, I prefer to do anything over 4 miles on the indoor track, but I had been on the indoor track a lot lately and wanted to switch it up. But OMG, I get so sweaty and hot on the treadmill! It was so gross! I think this is also due to the fact that the gym had to be about 72 degrees, which can be pretty warm once you are working out and getting sweaty. I  really wish they would turn it down to a cooler temperature or at least have fans on to make it more comfortable for all the people exercising!

Friday, February 21st – Rest day from running, still did my Jillian DVD

Saturday, February 22nd – Rest day

Sunday, February 23rd – 10 mile run outside:

It was about 30 degrees this day, so I decided to do my long run outside instead of running around in circles endlessly on the indoor track. This run was just a bit annoying to say the least. It started off rough even before I went outside. I took my phone out to pick which playlist I wanted to play, and for some reason all my playlists had been erased! So then I quickly put together a new one, and headed outside for my run. When I got outside I started my Nike+ app and started running. I also wore my Nike+ sport watch to track my run because I like to see what my pace is just by looking at my wrist. Every .25 miles, I get an update from my app telling me my time and my current pace. Well on this day, my app started to act funny and paused my run after every .25 miles! So I had to push on my phone to resume my run, and this was even more annoying because I had my gloves on and the phone wasn’t sensing my touch when I would press resume, so I would have to press it about 10 times before it would accept it! UGH! I’m not sure what the problem was, but hopefully it won’t happen for my next run! The run itself wasn’t too bad, I had an OK pace, but the Nike Half training app told me to take it at a comfortable pace, so that’s what I did.

This upcoming week, I will have a total of 39 miles! (As my Grandpa would say, Yikes!). This morning I got my 5 mile run in, and it actually went fairly well. I thought I would be much more sore from yesterday’s 10 mile run, but my legs didn’t really hurt at all. The most pain I had was in my neck/shoulder region because I strained it doing my Jillian DVD this morning. I will definitely ice it when I get home from work so that pain goes away!

On Sunday, I will have a long run of 12 miles. Kathleen will also be visiting this weekend as she heads down to Little Rock for her half marathon, so I am looking forward to seeing her. All in all, it should be a fun and busy week!


5 thoughts on “Nike Half Marathon Training – Recap Week 3

  1. Haha, I love the “yikes” insert!! So cute!! You can do it!! 😉 😉

  2. You’re a machine!! I’m so happy I’m tapering this week.. my week of around 18 miles looks really weak compared to you!

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