Nike Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Week Two of training wrapped up on Sunday and it went really well for the most part. Altogether, I ran a little over 31 miles, and overall my runs went great. At the beginning of the week, I was a bit intimidated about the number of runs I had for the week (6), but it ended up going much better than I anticipated. My confidence in my running has increased and I really like the training plan Nike put together for the runners to use for this half marathon.

13% done with the Nike Half Marathon training!

13% done with the Nike Half Marathon training!

Most of my runs occurred inside on the indoor track or the treadmill because of the crappy weather. But on Friday, I was getting tired of running inside, so I decided that before work I would go outside to the park across the street to get my four-mile run in. I also thought this would take less time than driving to the gym and driving back. Um, bad idea Lauren. I think I was fooled into thinking that it would be pleasant outside because the day before it was over 40 degrees (practically a heat-wave!). But that morning it was maybe 20 degrees, and the sidewalks were blanketed with ice, the ground was still covered in snow and some of the snow had frozen so it was icy as well. Yeah, this run was a bit of a challenge to say the least. I ended up having a super slow pace just because I had to stop and walk a few times to make sure I wouldn’t fall on the ice. I tried to just run in the snow, but it was either icy or the snow was so heavy that my feet kept falling into it. In the end, I was happy to just get the miles in and I wasn’t worried at all about my time. I was also relieved I didn’t injure myself! I bet I got more of a workout during that run than any other run during the week just because of the full body effort it took to run.

Last week, I also signed up for my second race of the year – the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Five Miler on March 15th. I am really looking forward to this race because it commemorates one year since I started racing. My first ever race was this one last year, so it will be so much fun to run in it again and to crush the time I got last year! It is also so crazy to me how much can change in a year. Last year, I wasn’t confident that I would be able to run all five miles, and this year five miles seems like nothing at all! I would have never thought that in just one year I could progress so much with my running, but I guess that’s what happens when you train consistently.

This week, I have five runs scheduled for a total of 31 miles. On Sunday, I will have my longest run of the year so far at 10 miles. I am really looking forward to this week because the weather will be SO much nicer (in the 50’s and maybe even 60’s!) so I will finally be able to consistently run outside. I have missed running outside so much, so I really can’t wait to be able to. It will also be pleasant to not have to bundle up so much when I go outside for a run.

And finally something on found on Pinterest…so true!

A little motivation for these winter runs!

A little motivation for these cold, snowy winter runs!



8 thoughts on “Nike Half Marathon Training: Week 3

  1. I love running outside, too and hate when I can’t! 😉 I definitely understand and it sounds like you had a great week! 🙂

  2. gahhh couldn’t run today bc of this crappy weather! hopefully start week 3 tomorrow!

  3. 31 miles!? Go you! 🙂

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