Tae Bo?!…Tae NO!

I’m not a super-fan of cross training… can’t I just run 3 days a week and rest 4 days a week? Since that is not the best idea to get stronger and become a better runner, I decided to invest in a few exercise videos. Last night, I went old school and did Billy Blanks Tae Bo Extreme. I remember doing Tae Bo in high school gym class and enjoying it, so I decided that it would be a good idea to try it out again. Lets just
say, I’m glad I’ll only be doing it once a week or once every few weeks.

First off, my living room is way too crowded to do this workout. I moved the coffee table, but I still didn’t have enough room to fully do the kicks that Billy wanted me to do. I’m thinking that I may have to setup my spare tv in my extra empty bedroom so I have more room for the workout because my living room will not cut it!

Secondly, I wasn’t really sweating too much at all. It is suppose to be an extreme workout. While my arms were killing me and my hamstrings were a little tight, my heartrate wasn’t spiking up and I wasn’t feeling it. Tomorrow when I wake up, I may feel different, but I’m not confident.

Finally the video is 65 minutes… it’s a bit lengthy for a cross training routine in my book. I thought I might be able to fast forward parts, but no, fast forwarding is not allowed on the DVD! I’m hoping my cross training will be a bit different on Friday with another new video… but in the meantime, at least I tried, and I’m excited to be running again tomorrow instead of doing a video 🙂

Kallie was not impressed with the Taebo video.

Kallie was not impressed with the Tae Bo video.



One thought on “Tae Bo?!…Tae NO!

  1. Yeah, that sounds a bit stressful (trying to find space, no fast forward etc). Oh my gosh, Kallie is soooo cute by the way! I really like Bob Harper videos!

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