50 in 50

50 Half’s in 50 States—Am I crazy?!

After running my first half marathon at the Rock N’ Roll in Chicago in July 2013… I got a crazy idea when I met people who came from all over the country/world to run in this one particular race. I had never met people before who planned out vacations just to run in a race. It got me thinking… could I do that too? Travel the country to get the best bling?

I met people who were much older than me traveling around the country to run a half marathon in every state and I thought, if I don’t do this now… when will I?

Thus, I’ve started my journey to run a half marathon in the 50 states plus DC! My ultimate goal is to finish by the time I’m 35 (I’m 28 now, so I have about 7 years to complete my goal). But if I don’t finish until I turn 40, that’ll be ok too—just as long as I finish.

While I’ve only completed 3 halfs in 3 states, everyone has to start somewhere right?! This year, I have Arkansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, and DC lined up thru October. I’d like to add one more state to the list, but I need to find a drivable one so I don’t have to shell out more money for a plane ticket!

It has been so fun already getting to plan out 2014 running schedule and I cannot wait to plan out my races each year towards my ultimate goal!



One thought on “50 in 50

  1. you’re insane! but i know another girl who is running a full marathon in each state, so you’re only half crazy 🙂 lol but everyone has a bucket list of things they want to accomplish so good for you!

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