Winter Running

Running outside in the winter sucks.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, winter running is NO fun. It’s miserable especially when there is freezing temperatures on top of snow and ice on the ground! But, when you have races coming up in the Spring and early Summer, winter outdoor training runs are necessary. Sure, you can run inside on the dreadmill or on an indoor track (which I do if there is too much snow and/or ice), but I think it is very important, at least for me, to do the majority of training runs outside. Running outside is SO different from running indoors, so I suck it up and head outdoors even in these cold winter months!

What to wear.


Yes, that is a picture of me from yesterday. No, I am not planning to rob a bank – I am going for a run in the 26 degree temps outside! Deciding what to wear during winter runs is difficult. My big problem is, I heat up quickly when I run, so I don’t want to wear too many layers and be miserable for the majority of my run. So for really cold runs, I usually wear about two-three layers on top (wind-resistant jacket on top, long shirt underneath, and another base layer depending on how cold it is), then I wear my running leggings/tights on bottom, nice warm wool socks, my running gloves/mittens, and a hat or winter headband on my head. I also love my new turtle fur neck warmer that I just purchased! The neck warmer is especially nice for the beginning of the run when you are down right freezing, and it is easy to slip down when you warm up during the run.

Yesterday, I found this awesome link from Runner’s World that helps you plan what to wear depending on the weather. You can find it here, and I hope that it helps you plan your outfits!

Sometimes, you just have to go inside for your runs.

Even my puppy Lilli knows that its too snowy to run outside today.

Even my puppy Lilli knows that it’s too snowy to run outside today.

At times, there is just no point in running outside. I fall when I’m running even when there is no snow or ice on the ground, so I definitely don’t want to risk injury when I can just take it indoors and run. Today, is one of those days. After about 5 inches of snow, I know the sidewalks won’t be clear and there is no point in running outside. So I will be heading to the gym for my scheduled 5 mile run.



2 thoughts on “Winter Running

  1. love this post! it was what i was waiting to hear from you! maybe one day, i’ll buy a wind resistant running jacket. lol maybe a fave/rec gear post?

  2. kk i will work on that! and yeah there are a bunch of different ones, I ended up just going to TJ Maxx and getting that one for about $40 and it works great!

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