Fitting in Training Runs

Sometimes it is hard to find time to get in a long run or even a training run. My job is super unpredictable. Some weeks, I’m working till midnight on both Saturday and Sunday and the next week, I have completely open. It doesn’t make it easy to plan ahead!

Long runs are super important. Skipping them is not really an option when you’re in training for a half marathon and you’re expected to do 13.1 miles on race day! And quitting is not an option… if I pay good money for a race, you better believe I’m going to finish it! I’ll crawl to the finish line if I have to!!

My advice is to plan ahead. Each week, I look at my calendar and figure out when I can get in my 2 training runs and my long run. Some weeks, I follow my usual schedule of training runs on Tuesday and Thursday and a long run on Saturday or Sunday. Other weeks, I’m doing two back to back training runs early/later in the week and the long run on Friday or Monday.

With that being said, you also need to find a training schedule that works for you. When I was training for my first half marathon last July, I was running 4 days a week, which lead to an injury that took a month to fully recover from. After my first half marathon, I knew that I needed to find a better plan for the next one. Eight week training schedules work best for me. This is the program that I use. I’ve used it for my past two halfs and, knock on wood, I haven’t been injured yet!

It may not always be easy to fit in your runs but it is important. Sometimes I’m getting up early in the summer to beat the heat or I’m going to my 24 hour gym after a long day to get in a long run or just a training run. I know that the better trained I am come race day, the more prepared I will be to tackle the miles!



3 thoughts on “Fitting in Training Runs

  1. omg, i completely understand about your unpredictable schedule! working in the retail, we have these problems too! i’m glad to learn how you adjust your running schedule around it, since that’s something i’ve never done before. i’m really worried about this nike women’s training program bc they are making me run 4x a week! ahhh lol

  2. lol, yes it is sometimes very hard to fit them in, especially when we get to the longer runs!! you just have to remember that its so important to follow the schedule if you want to see that finish line!

  3. Balancing training schedule and real life is often a challenge. One of the biggest challenges recently was balancing training and holiday travel. In the last month of preparing for my first half marathon, I was out of town every weekend, and flying for two of those weekends required additional adjustment to my training. Fortunately, a little forward planning helps in the long run.

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