Welcome to the Benson Sisters Running Blog!! We just started racing last year and have already fell in love with running and the thrill of competing in races!

To stay motivated, we read lots of blogs. One day, I told Lauren, I’d like to start a blog, but I don’t want to post everyday about my running, so why don’t we create one together?!

So, here we are! We’re going to try our best to post every weekday alternating who talks about what they are training for, products we use and other running stories!!

Currently, I am on week 5 of my 8 week half marathon training for the Little Rock Arkansas Half Marathon. After completing the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon in January and meeting a ton of great people, I decided I needed to plan another half marathon before the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC in late April. I had 16 weeks between Mississippi and DC, so Little Rock naturally fit in!

Plus it works out great, because I can drive from Chicago to St Louis on Friday February 28 to stay with Lauren and then get up early on Saturday March 1 to drive to Little Rock to race on Sunday March 2.

Why Little Rock? The question is… why not?! Have you seen the bling?!

Little Rock is known for having the largest medals out there!! The marathon medal is almost as big as a child’s head!! I’m not ready to start training for a marathon, but the half marathon medal isn’t too shabby either. Plus, it’ll be my fourth state and the timing works out great with work as well.

I hope you enjoy reading our blog and I can promise that we’ll have incredible stories to share to keep you motivated along the way!



One thought on “Welcome!

  1. You go girls!!!! Keep up the good work!

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