Nike Half Marathon Training Week 1

My next half marathon is the Relay and Run for 21, but the official Nike Women’s Half Marathon training app started today, so I decided to follow along with their training plan. I am using the intermediate plan, and it works out really well because I am supposed to run 14 miles on the day of the Relay and Run for 21 half anyways.


I decided to run outside today because the weather is supposed to get bad tomorrow, so I probably won’t be able to run outside again until the weekend. Even though today was not warm at all (a brisky, but sunny 27 degrees!), I love running outside way more than being on the treadmill or running on the indoor track, so I decided to go outside anyways. I also got to try out my new Saucony running gloves I got today, and they worked quite well! (Not to brag, but I got quite a deal for them – only $14.99 at TJ Maxx compared to the $30-$40 they sell for in regular stores!)

gloves2 gloves

It actually wasn’t that bad while I was running because I tend to get very heated, but when I was doing my cool down walk at the end of my 3 mile run, I literally became quite cool and couldn’t wait to be back to my warm apartment! I didn’t push my run at all today, because I have longer runs for the rest of the week, so I just enjoyed the 3 miles. I am so excited for DC and it feels like it is so far away, but I know it will be here before we know it!

Tomorrow, my training run is 5 miles and focuses on my speed work as it has intervals in it. I am pretty excited for that because I need to focus on that in order to achieve my goal of having a sub 2:00 hour half marathon time sometime this year!




2 thoughts on “Nike Half Marathon Training Week 1

  1. love this post! your gloves look AWESOME! i def could of used them yesterday when i ran outside! i might have to look into outdoor running gear bc running indoor track today was horrible. i just hated it the whole time. or spring just needs to come already lol

    just wondering (and another possible blog topic) what do you use to run outside?

  2. do you mean what do i wear when I’m running outside? i was going to do a post today about winter running outside!

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