Healthy Human Race Recap


After the amazing speakers, it was time to get ready for the 5k on Saturday!  My hotel was about 3 blocks away from the race start, so I was able to leave my hotel pretty close to the race start time.

There were about 1200 participants in the 5k.  Lots of kids, families, stroller moms, and more.  I was only doing this race because the bling was good.  I wasn’t interested in time since I was running the half marathon the next day and I wanted to be able to tackle that as best as I could.  Plus it was very hot and humid!!  Temps were in the 80s and the humidity was high as well.

Since I listen to music when I run, my plan going into this race was to run at an easy pace for a song and then walk a full song.  It was SO HARD to walk a full song!!  I wanted to run SO BAD!!  But I stuck with the plan and did the 5k in 37:18 (which was a 12:00 pace).  I’ll need to keep working on slowing it down so when I do Dopey I’ll miss the balloon ladies but have time to stop for characters and have fun.


I’m glad I did the 5k at this race because the final 1.5 miles of the race was the same as the final 1.5 miles of the half marathon (so I knew what to expect when I hit that part of the course the next day).  Overall the 5k was pretty flat and had one water stop for the race.  At the end of the race, there were water bottles and I made my way back into the expo area for the spaghetti dinner that I had purchased.


The dinner was excellent!  For only $9, I got spaghetti, salad, bread, dessert and lemonade!  It was a great meal.  I sat with some other people who had run the 5k.  They were all really impressed that I drove from Chicago just to do this race.  In my opinion, it’s only 5 hours, that’s nothing!  And I love doing these trips… seriously it’s an addiction… I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t doing them.

The next morning, the race didn’t start until 7:00 am and my plan wasn’t to leave my hotel until6:30am, so I woke up at 5:45.  When I got to the start line around 6:45, people were starting to line up according to pace.  I really wanted to be right around 2:20, but I knew with the humidity and heat that probably wasn’t going to happen (74 degrees at the start with 94% humidity).

The first few miles, I wasn’t doing too bad and I was keeping up with the 2:20 pacers pretty well.  Then mile 6 happened.  I should read elevation charts before signing up for races, but I don’t study them nearly as much as I should.  Mile 6 was pretty much a never ending hill.  Literally one of the volunteers told us that the hill would eventually end.  I had to take more walking breaks than usual during that mile.  The race was pretty much held on the Rochester trails and occasional neighborhoods.  It had a very small town feel to the race.  With the heat, humidity and the horrible hill… I didn’t have the best time ever, 2:23:58.  But as always, I finished, I wasn’t injured and I was able to get the bling.


After the race, I got a Gatorade, water bottle, chips and a banana.  I got back to my hotel, took a quick shower and then hit the road for home.

Of course, I needed a Minnesota lottery ticket to remember the day :)  I won $9—strange amount… but I’ll take it!


And I stopped for a Wisconsin beer brat at the Brat House Grill in Wisconsin Dells—I love post half marathon meals!


I’ve been home for a few days, so I’ve had time to think about the pros/cons of this race


-Amazing medals!

-Amazing speaker series

-Colorful t-shirts (should have been race specific though)

-Pre-Race Dinner—affordable, good, and filling!


-Horrible pre-race communication—no emails, no updates on facebook for over a week—in today’s racing age, you need to have good communication

-The first few water stops were not properly equipped with volunteers—ahh

Definitely a great Minnesota race overall!  The only time I want to come back to this state for a race is in 2016 for Grandma’s Marathon with Lauren (it’s the 40th anniversary of the race—why not?!).  Now to state #8… I’ll tell you about it on Friday!


Weekly Recap (Lauren)


It has been SOOOO hot/humd in STL this week! We are still under an extreme heat advisory until tonight at 8PM, so it has been a bit unpleasant to say the least! Here is a quick recap:

Monday, August 18th: Workout DVD

Tuesday, August 19th: Workout DVD

Wednesday, August 20th: 4 miles running, Workout DVD

Thursday, August 21st: 4 miles running, Workout DVD

Friday, August 22nd: Rest Day

Saturday, August 23rd: Workout DVD

Sunday, August 24th: 10 miles running

I didn’t get in as many runs as I wanted to, but I was happy that I got my long run in for the week on Sunday. It was very hot and I forgot to bring my water, but the run itself actually went pretty well.

I’m hoping to get a good week in of runs, and I will try to focus on my speed this week with a few speed workouts. My next race (in what feels like forever!) will be on Sunday, September 7th and it is a 6K so I’m hoping to get a PR. I found a few speed workouts on Pinterest that I’m going to follow and hopefully they will lead me to that PR! (I’m shooting for under 30 minutes, last year I was a little over 34 minutes.)

I hope everyone has a great week!


Weekly Recap + Healthy Human Race Expo Review

What a crazy week it has been!!  Here is the workout recap:

Monday, August 11th: Rest day

Tuesday, August 12th: 3 miles running (10:34 pace on treadmill)

Wednesday, August 13th: 5 miles running (10:37 pace on treadmill)

Thursday, August 14th: Rest day

Friday, August 15th: Rest day

Saturday, August 23rd: Healthy Human Race 5k (37:18—12:00 pace)

Sunday, August 24th: Healthy Human Race Half Marathon (2:23:58—11:00 pace)

Rochester Minnesota is about 315 miles away from my house (about 5 hours).  I really wanted to go halfway on Friday evening, but I could not get a good price to come up on a hotel and I didn’t want to spend more than $60.  So, wakeup call at 5:30 to be on the road by 6:00 am happened on Saturday morning!

The ride to Minnesota was pretty uneventful.  There was some construction, fog and a bit of rain.  I ended up stopping right before I hit the Minnesota border in Wisconsin and purchased this lottery ticket.


I love playing the lottery and my good luck came again as I won $25 on the ticket :)

I got to the expo around 11 am.  Packet pickup was super easy.  I cannot believe the line would ever be this long…


Since I signed up for both the 5k and the Half Marathon—I got two shirts.  The shirts are super comfortable and I cannot wait to wear them for a run!  I also got this lanyard too… not sure why or what you’d use it for, but I’ll always take free stuff!


The expo wasn’t huge (it fit in a small room) and had local races, running stores, etc.  The usual small “expo”.  I picked up some jelly beans and stinger gels for Sunday as well as this cool “Run Minnesota” shirt (paid for with my lottery winnings!).



After about 20 minutes, I made my way out of the expo and discovered where I could pick up my extra shirt I had purchased.  This race was also sponsored/hosted by “the” Mayo Clinic (if you don’t know what the Mayo Clinic is, look it up… one of the best hospitals in the country) and they were selling a souvenir race shirt at the race registration where all proceeds would go to the Mayo Clinic.  When I gave them my name for the shirt, they had my name down twice (I don’t think I paid for two shirts), but I got two and Lauren will be getting one soon then :)


After going thru the expo, I still had over an hour before the speaker series would begin.  I ended up checking into my hotel, grabbing lunch and walking back to the expo (my hotel was about 3 blocks from the expo—which was also the start lines for the races!  What luck!!


One of the reasons I signed up for this race was not only the awesome bling (pictures on Wednesday!!), but for the speaker series—Jeff Galloway and Apolo Anton Ohno.  Jeff Galloway is definitely someone whom I look up to in the racing world—he is a celebrity for sure.  I can only run the Dopey Challenge following his training program and adopting his run/walk method.  I am 8 weeks into the program and I have been following it to a T (usually I’m adding more mileage since I have half marathons in there too J).  His speech was great and afterwards, I got a picture with him and the Disney bling (he thought it was appropriate since I was going Dopey—that Coast to Coast medal is so amazing, I hope I can score one of those too next year).  Jeff and his wife Pam ran the half marathon on Sunday and they finished about a minute behind me!  If I knew he was that close, I would have slowed down to finish the race with him.


The keynote speaker was Apolo Anton Ohno—the most decorated US Winter Olympian.  Apolo gave an amazing keynote address to a packed arena (probably 1,000-2,000 people) about his life and his fitness journey.  I got a great seat for Jeff (second row) and I just stayed put until Apolo came because I knew I wanted to have a great seat.  He ended his message with this quote “One world, one life, one change, your choice”.  I LOVE THIS!!  I think I’m going to get this put on my medal rack (I’ve run out of desk space… I need to get those medal racks!).  I think Apolo participated in the Healthy Human Race 1 Mile walk, but he didn’t stick around for the 5k or the Half Marathon.  Right now he’s training for an Ironman and he told us he was going on a 100 mile bike ride on Sunday… ugh!


On Wednesday, I’ll share the recap of the 5k and the Half Marathon and share my pros/cons of the race/race experience.


Randomness Friday

This week has seemed SOOOO long, but I’m so happy it’s FINALLY FRIDAY! WOO-HOO! We all made it! This post is going to be super random, because I have nothing really specific to blog about, so here are some various thoughts on my mind:

1. runningecard

I’m pretty tired because I have been waking up super early to get all my workouts in this week. One reason I’ve been getting up early is because on Mondays and Tuesdays I leave for work at 7:45AM, so I have to get up around 5:15AM to do my workouts, take Lilli for a walk, take a shower, and then get to work. Another reason, is because this has been an awful week of HUMIDITY! Before I’ve gone on my runs, I look at the weather app on my phone and it says 70, so I think that’s not that bad. And then I step out the door and it feels about 100 degrees all because of the super high humidity! This being said, I can absolutely NOT WAIT for Fall! Fall is, in my opinion, perfect running weather. It’s typically not too hot, but not cold enough that you feel the need to be in a million layers. I wish Fall weather could be all year round. Unfortunately, I live in the Midwest, so I am “lucky” enough to experience each season. Ugh.

2. quest-barsMy new obsession – QUEST BARS! These things are delicious. I have been seeing them pop up on ads on Facebook for a while, and some of my friends have even posted about them. I never had tried them until last week when I saw them at the grocery store. I figured I might as well try them out. Well, I’m happy I did, because it turns out these bars are amazing! I don’t know how they can be so good and so healthy for you (full of protein and no added sugar) but they are literally as good as a candy bar! I have tried the cookie dough, cookies and cream, and apple pie flavors and they are all amazing. I can’t wait to try more!

3. B000W09NYMAbove is a picture of a girl with a Pilates Magic Circle, or Pilates Ring (not sure of the technical name). I was just posting about this because I was wondering if anyone has ever worked out with one before. I was contemplating buying one and trying it out, but was hoping someone could let me know if they would recommend it!

4. Shred415_Logo.ashxSo I’ve been super bummed because the Bootcamp group fitness class I’ve been going to every Wednesday morning has been cancelled :( My instructor could not do the time anymore because of her work hours from her other job changing, so instead of finding a new instructor, the YMCA has just cancelled the class completely. I was upset because I loved going to this class because it was a challenge for me, but I knew it was working because I could feel myself getting stronger. There is another class at a different Y that’s just a bit farther from me that seems similar, so I might try it out. But, I also found out about a Shred 415 recently opening in the suburbs. Before opening in St. Louis, it had only been in Chicago. It is an hour long workout that combines strength workouts and the treadmill. Apparently it’s very intense, but people love it. I can’t afford to become a member (over $200 a month!) but I wanted to try it out because a drop in class is only $24. I think I might go fairly soon to see what all the hype is about. Has anybody from Chicago ever tried this place out before? Let me know!

5. 81J+9qYEqYLFinally, many people enjoy reading over the summer, so I thought I would give a recommendation. I read Big Little Lies while we were on vacation in Colorado, and I could not put it down! It is the best book I have read all summer, and I would definitely recommend it to you all. It’s a story about 3 different women who are all connected and each have their own issues. The characters are so real you feel like you know them. It is similar to Liane Moriarty’s other huge hit – The Husband’s Secret (which I loved), but I thought Big Little Lies was even better and I love a story full of unexpected twists and turns!

Well, that’s it for my randomness this Friday! I hope you all get through the day and enjoy your weekend :)


Race Weekend!


It’s time for lucky #7!  Saturday morning (bright and early!), I’ll be heading to Minnesota for the Healthy Human Race weekend—a 5k on Saturday evening and the half marathon on Sunday morning.

The plan is to leave the Chicagoland area by 6:15 am and get on the road for the 5 hour drive to Rochester Minnesota.  I plan to stop around Wisconsin Dells for a quick pit stop and gas up the car before heading to the expo.  I haven’t received any information about the expo or many details about the race in general (why can’t all races make sure you’re all set to go beforehand), so I’m not sure what my bib numbers are, if there are corrals, etc.  After the expo and lunch, my plan is to head to the hotel to drop off my stuff before going back to the expo to hear the special guests, Apolo Ohno and Jeff Galloway!  The day will end with the 5k (not planning on running, just walking for the cool medal!) and a spaghetti dinner (only $9… I couldn’t pass that deal up!).

Sunday morning’s half marathon starts at 7 am.  That’s early, but it’s supposed to get hot on Sunday in Minnesota, so the earlier the better!  After the half marathon, I’m heading straight home.  If I’m ok, I plan on stopping by work (my pool is still open) on my way home, otherwise, I’ll just head straight home and hobble up the stairs.

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately on my runs, so I’m really hoping to be right around 2:20 for the race.  But if the humidity and heat are bad, I won’t push myself too hard on Sunday… I’d rather be able to keep running than risk injury and not be able to keep training successfully for my future races.

I cannot wait to update all of you next week on this exciting race weekend!  Let’s hope #7 is lucky for me and I’ll have another state checked off the list come Sunday afternoon.


Weekly Review (Kathleen)

Monday, August 11th: Rest day

Tuesday, August 12th: 5 miles running (10:40 pace)

Wednesday, August 13th: 5 miles running (10:34 pace on treadmill)

Thursday, August 14th: Rest day

Friday, August 15th: Rest day

Saturday, August 16th: 10 miles running (10:43 pace)

Sunday, August 17th: Rest day

What a busy week!!  I got my runs in but again, I wasn’t able to get in my cross training sessions L  I need to find a yoga session again at my new workplace because my body misses it.  I love my old yoga instructor but I don’t like driving so far to go to the yoga class.

This week, I switched up some of my running routes.  Sometimes the same routes can get boring and mundane.  The longer distances can especially get tiring when you are running the same route again and again.  On this week’s long run, I made a different turn on my usual route and ended up discovering a new route and I’m excited to run it again in the future!  In two weeks, I need to run 11 miles, so I’m excited about running this route again and switching it up even more.

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming weekend!  It’s been a little over two months since my last half marathon and I’m tired (jealous!) of seeing Facebook/Twitter posts about others doing races.  I’ve done 2 10ks since my last half, but the half marathon is really the distance I love. The plan is to wake up pretty early on Saturday morning and set out for the 5 hour drive to Minnesota.  I’ll probably stop halfway to get gas and take a little break.  I want to get there in a good amount of time to check out the expo and my hotel before heading back to the expo in the afternoon to see Jeff Galloway and Apolo Ohno speak.  I’ll talk more about the weekend in my post on Thursday.

Have a great week!



Weekly Recap (Lauren)

Seems pretty accurate!

Seems pretty accurate!

Monday, August 11th: Rest

Tuesday, August 12th: 5 miles running, Workout DVD

Wednesday, August 13th: 3.11 miles running, Bootcamp class

Thursday, August 14th: 4 miles running, Workout DVD

Friday, August 15th: Workout DVD

Saturday, August 16th: Workout DVD

Sunday, August 17th: 9 miles running, Workout DVD

I went CRAZY with the workout DVD’s this week! I just have so many to try, and most of them are really great workouts, so they make it fun to exercise! I tried out a few other 10 Minute Solution DVDs that I really liked, and then a few others that were just OK. I will post some more reviews this week of the DVDs I have tried out.

I was happy because I did much better with getting my runs in this week. I didn’t do as many as I wanted because Friday was just a super busy day and then on Saturday it was storming and we had some other things to do so I wasn’t able to make it to the gym. But I did get over 21 miles in this week, so I am pretty content with that. On Sunday, I planned on running 11 miles, but at 8.5 miles it started storming, so I decided it would be safest to just cut my long run a little bit short. I had a pretty good pace though, so overall I was happy with my long run even though it wasn’t as far as I had planned to go.

I have really been kind of bummed that I have a break in races, my next one isn’t until the first week of September and my last race was on the 5th of July! I was going to sign up for a 5K on Labor Day, but I decided it would be best to just save my money and not do a race simply just to do a race. I also need to save up my money for the Hot Chocolate 15K race in December because it’s over $60! That’s a bit more than I would normally pay for any distance under a half marathon, but I enjoyed the 5K last year and the goody bag is one of the best, so I can’t resist running in that one!

This week, I will be trying out more DVDs and again going to do my best to get all my runs in. Even though I kicked off my training for marathon #2 at the beginning of this month, I technically don’t really need to start until September, so that’s why I am not too upset about not getting all my planned runs in.


Hope everyone has a wonderful (Mon)day!