SeaWheeze 2015!


A few months ago, my friend Phu told me about a half marathon lululemon had – the SeaWheeze Half in Vancouver, B.C. She shared the link with me and I went to the website and it looked like so much fun – a weekend full of yoga, running, a concert, and exclusive lululemon clothing. I put this race on my bucket list, but didn’t know if it would be possible to do within the next few years.

But then, a couple of weeks ago, Phu posted a link for the sign up for the 2015 Sea Wheeze race on my Facebook, I researched a bit, and then came to the conclusion that we HAD to go! This race was unusual because registration opens almost a year before the actual race. And, it’s not like you can wait around to decide whether or not you want to go, because this race is known to sell out VERY quickly!

So last week, Phu and I both logged on at exactly 12PM when the registration opened and waited patiently to sign up. You were put in a “waiting room” which is similar to what happens when you purchase tickets on Ticketmaster. I felt like I was in the waiting room forever, and I was worried it had already sold out! But, I finally got past the waiting room and into the actual site where I could sign up. It took me about 5 minutes to complete the process, and then I was officially registered for the race. Phu and I were texting back and fourth, and I was a bit worried because by the time I was done registering, she was still in the waiting room. I started to panic thinking that she would not get in and I would be all by myself in Vancouver!! Luckily, about 5 minutes later she got past the waiting room and was able to register!

We were very lucky to get in, because the race actually sold out in about 30 minutes. I can’t wait to go internationally for a race, and am excited to explore Vancouver with one of my BFF’s. Because this race will cost me a lot, I will definitely have to cut back on how many races I do next year. But this means that I will focus even more on training and becoming faster, so it’s not such a bad thing. 2015 is really shaping up to be an exciting race year – starting off in Disney and now also going to Canada! I can’t wait for it to start!


Preparing for #8!


In just a few days, I’ll be running half marathon #8 in Omaha, Nebraska!  This week has been different than my normal “week of” half marathon routine.  Usually I would run 3 miles on Tuesday and then 2 miles on Thursday and call it a week before having a half marathon on Saturday or Sunday. Since my Dopey training specifically called for a 13 mile run on Sunday (I’m just adding .1 extra miles), I need to follow the program the way it says.  I’m not going to be getting a break when I do the marathon on January 11th!

Tuesday and Thursday have 45 minute runs (I can usually do a little over 4 miles in 45 minutes).  Saturday, I am doing my first long walk—4 miles!  I’m going to treat it like the training says and walk as briskly as I can!

My flight leaves Midway airport on Saturday afternoon.  The flight to Omaha is pretty short (just over an hour—if I drove it would have taken 9 hours!) and I’ll be there in time to check out the expo and then head over to the free pasta dinner.  I’m always willing to shell out a couple of dollars for pasta dinners at races, but a free one… sign me up!

I’ve rented a car in Omaha because my hotel is not near the race.  The car and the hotel were still cheaper than staying in one of the host hotels.

As always, I’m just looking to race well.  I’ve hit my main goal of 2014 (a half under 2:20), but I’d like to be around2:20-2:21 for the race.  If I don’t race that well, it’s ok… it just all depends on the weather for me!  I’m hoping for 60s… but it’s looking like around 75 for the race.

Look for a race report next week and a picture of my new bling (it lights up!).


Five Things Tuesday

Here are 5 random things I’m most excited about right now:


1—Cooler weather!!  I’m not sure if mother nature is just trying to trick me or not, but the cooler weather is a runner’s delight :)  My past two runs have been in the 50s and tomorrow’s run will be in the upper 40s-low 50s.  It is great!  I cannot wait for these temperatures to stick around for running hoodies and pants.


2—Signing up to volunteer at the Chicago Marathon.  Since I’m not running the Chicago Marathon, I’m super excited to be finally volunteering at a race.  I really wanted to volunteer at a water station and I’m happy to say that I’ll be at water stop #7 (around mile 10) of the race.


3—Omaha this weekend!  I’m looking forward to a good time!  They have runner tracking there… it’s been awhile since I’ve been at a race with tracking.  My goal time is to be under my last half time (2:23:58).  I’ll talk more about the race on Thursday but I’m hoping the temps are cool for a good fall race.


4—Detroit!  I know it’s not until next month, but I’m already getting excited/nervous about it!!   I’m nervous because I’m going to be arriving at the expo only an hour before it closes—cutting it close if my flight is delayed L.  There are no flights into Detroit any earlier due to my work schedule… common airlines, it’s Chicago to Detroit, could we not have 10 flights in the 1 pm hour and then nothing until 3 pm… seriously?!  If I miss the expo, I’ll still be able to run in the race, but I won’t get a t-shirt (I’m sure I can buy one afterwards (they are still selling the 2013 shirts)) and I’ll miss this awesome expo (seriously it gets good reviews).


5—Seeing the Disney Marathon weekend medals soon.  Seriously, everyday, I’m checking to see if Disney has finally released the medals (which they still have not!) because last year they were released at the Disneyland half.  I think if they release the medals soon, it’ll help me out a lot with the long runs that I have coming up (15 miler on Sunday October 5th!).


Weekly Recap – Disney Marathon Training Week 1


Monday, September 8th: Rest Day

Tuesday, September 9th: 3 miles running

Wednesday, September 10th: 5 miles running (Marathon Pace)

Thursday, September 11th: 3 miles running

Friday, September 12th: Rest Day

Saturday, September 13th: 8 miles running

Sunday, September 14th: 60 minutes cross-training (Workout DVD, Running, Walking)

The first official week of my Disney Marathon training went perfectly according to plan! I was very happy that I stuck to my schedule and was able to do really well time-wise on all of my runs. My long run on Saturday I had a 8:57 pace for 8 miles, even though before hand I thought I was going to take it easy! It was just SO nice out – around 50 degrees and sunny, that I felt like I could run forever. I wish it was that weather for my runs year round.

I also realized that my next half marathon (Rock n Roll St. Louis) is almost a month away. This is the last half marathon I have for the year, so I am really hoping to achieve my goal of running it in under 2 hours! I have come so close in my other 2 halfs I had earlier in the year, that I really feel I could reach this goal at the Rock n Roll race. I will keep working hard on speed work during my runs and hopefully this will happen!!

I hope everyone has a great week and that you are all enjoying this beautiful running weather where you are at!



Cardinals Care 6K Recap


On Sunday, I ran in the Cardinals Care 6K. I ran in this race last year and had such a good time, so I had been really looking forward to repeating it this year.

Saturday I went to Busch Stadium (where the Cardinals play) to pick up my packet. Last year, we got a bag full of goodies along with our race t-shirt and bib. This year, all we got was the t-shirt and bib, no bag at all! I was a little disappointed because I had been looking forward to seeing what was in the bag, but oh well.

I arrived to the start line on Sunday about 10 minutes before the race started. We were running a little late because we had a bit of an issue with parking, but I still arrived at the start line in plenty of time. But, because I showed up only minutes before the race, I didn’t want to be one of those people that push their way towards the front, so I just found a place in the middle. I figured it wouldn’t be the worse thing in the world since the race wasn’t as big as some I have been in, it wouldn’t be too hard to get past the usual congestion at the beginning of the race. The race was supposed to start at 8:06AM, but I think they started the national anthem and intro too early, so there was a bit too much time of silence just waiting around for 8:06, that they actually ended up starting a couple of minutes early.

At the start of the race, it was crowded just as I expected. So I pushed myself a little harder and went a little faster than normal just so I could get ahead of people that were slower than me. My first mile was less than 7 minutes, so I was definitely going faster than I had planned! I was surprised though because while I was a bit out of breath, it didn’t seem that fast.

In the middle of the race, I was really happy with how it was going. I could see the faster, more elite runners not too far ahead of me, and noticed I had separated myself from the more beginner runners, so I had a lot of room around me to run. I always like when I have some space because then I don’t feel so congested and feel like I can focus more on going the pace I want to go.

Once I reached mile 3 (only .69 miles to go), we turned the corner and there was a bit of a hill we had to go up as we headed back to the stadium. I wanted to stop and walk SO bad, but knew that would be stupid with so little left to go, so instead of slowing down I pushed myself harder. Once I got up the hill, it was pretty much straight (a bit downhill) to the stadium. I reached the front of the stadium and then the course continued through the tunnel and then onto the field. I was very happy that it was mild weather that day because if it would have been hot, I’m sure the tunnel of the stadium would have been unbearable!

I went through the tunnel and then through some of the stadium until we reached the actual field where the finish line was. It was pretty cool because they have live video of you on the jumbo-tron crossing the finish line! Once I crossed, I went up the bleachers until we reached Jackie Joyner-Kersee who put the finisher’s medal around my neck!

Getting my medal from Jackie Joyner-Kersee!

Getting my medal from Jackie Joyner-Kersee!

When the race was over, I met back up with Justin and we went home. A few hours later, the results were posted and I was so happy to see that I reached my goal! I finished the 6K in under 30 minutes, with a time of 29:36! I also was shocked to see that I got 4th out of 148 in my age division and was the 9th woman overall! My speed work has paid off, but my goal for this race next year is to place in the top three because those people are recognized on a podium in a post-race ceremony.

Final results!

Final results!


Nike DC Half is Moving!

In April, Lauren and I were lucky enough to be chosen to run in the Nike Women’s Half in Washington DC.  We had the best time and we both had PRs.  The course was flat, merchandise for purchase was great, and I had a great time visiting with old friends.  And at the end, we got Tiffany necklaces from men in tuxedos.

The only other Nike Women’s race is in San Francisco and while I love the city, running up and down the hills is not for me.  And I’m not for running races twice in different cities outside Chicago.  DC was a great time, but it was expensive.  DC is fairly cheap to fly into from Chicago, but when you add up the hotels, meals, merchandise, etc… it gets pricey!  I saved for a few months to help offset the costs, but who can put a price on spending a long weekend with your sister and friends?!

Last night, I was shocked to read that Nike DC Women’s Half would not be returning in 2015, but that they would be going to a new location…what?!  Could they be coming to Chicago?!!  I can only hope!!  They have a race on the west coast… they need to put something in the center of the country.  If they are coming to Chicago, you better believe Lauren, Phu (Lauren’s friend who ran it with us in DC), and I will be putting our name back in the lottery.  My wallet won’t like it too much (this time I won’t have the hotel fees), but you only live once!  I can only hope that if it does come here on a day I already have a race lined up!


Weekly Recap (Lauren)

Monday, September 1st: Labor of Love 5K

Tuesday, September 2nd: Rest Day

Wednesday, September 3rd: 5 miles running

Thursday, September 4th: 4 miles running

Friday, September 5th: Rest Day

Saturday, September 6th: 7 miles running

Sunday, September 7th: Cardinals Care 6K (3.69 miles)

finally did all my scheduled runs! I had a great week of running as I ran in two races, and there was finally cooler temps to run in. Towards the end of the week it really started to feel like Fall weather, and that made me oh-so-happy.

I will talk about it more later in the week, but the Cardinals Care 6K went awesome on Sunday. I achieved my goal (being under 30 minutes) even though going into the race I was very skeptical I could do this. As I was walking with Justin and he asked me what time I was going for and I said under 30 minutes! If not I look like a fool on my blog for even mentioning that time  :)

This week, I will officially begin marathon #2 training using a plan by Hal Higdon. I’m going to strive to continue getting in my scheduled runs, and also do all my cross training to get stronger. I am very pumped to kick off my training and can’t wait for Disney!